Insider Secrets to Boost Your Energy for Success
With so many factors drawing on your energy every day, the last thing you need is hidden factors draining you as well.
How will you know? You might find yourself going through the motions in a job you used to love, over busy and stressed out - it may take you a week to wind down for your holidays - or you might get sick as soon as you stop - worst case burnt out. 

If you are ready for the next level of professional impact, and personal freedom and you know your energy is too precious to waste like this or if you just want to get your head above water, this is a resource for you. 

These tips help you identify those hidden energy drains in your life and offer suggestions on how to handle them. 

Hidden Energy Drain #1 Not doing things Your Way

This is easier said and done as you spend the early part of your life learning others ways of how to do things. The idea is that we take what we learn and adapt it to suit ourselves. If you don't, it becomes a big drain on your energy.  You have a unique energy blueprint that helps you recalibrate what you do to match who you are. 

​Hidden Energy Drain #2 Indecisiveness

Hidden Energy Drain #2 Indecisiveness
What most people don't know is that you have a specific decision strategy. When you don't know this you can spend hours analysing data and then more hours wondering if it is for you and that doesn't include doubting yourself after all that. Indecisiveness is a huge drain on your energy. The information and how you think is only part of the decision process. The other part is to include your body in the process. Why? find out here

Hidden Energy Drain #3 Multi-tasking 

Contrary to popular belief, not every woman is designed to multi-task! You will know you are not a multi-tasker if you look around your office or your home and see lots of unfinished business. It is actually a sign of a fledging leader, whose task is to get things started and delegate the finishing to others. However if you don't know that, it is exhausting for you and for thise who end up picking up your pieces. 

Hidden Energy Drain #4 Analysis Paralysis

​Did you know that you have your own way of processing information in your head? Thoughts, ideas, opinions, inspiration, suspicions, judgements etc. With all these When you know yourthinking process, you can use your mind to laser focus on creating the results you want and stop draining energy with pointless distractions

Hidden Energy Drain #5 Fear 

Not many people know that fear is the underlying emotion of stress. Wanting to feel safe is a basic human need that can be misinterpreted in a way that stops us taking action. Overwhelm and procrastination are 2 of the many symptoms of this. They keep us burning up way too much energy trying not to do what we need to do, or doing what we don’t want to do… If that makes sense? 

Hidden Energy Drain #6 Analysis Paralysis

You love getting your facts right and like to have the information you need to information your decisions. You may have taken advice and the action you were told to take didn’t work for you as well as it did for your advisor. We have access to more information now than ever and this has become a new energy drain. What information will get the best result? What is correct for you? What is the best action to take? Wouldn’t you like to know how to filter information that is correct for you and as a result take action with relative ease? Well you can. 

Hidden Energy Drain #7 Emotion Commotion

Emotions have got such a bad rap; their true value is missed. They are a powerful guidance tool when you know how to use them correctly and a super drain when you don’t. Developing emotional literacy is a secret weapon to success. 

Hidden Energy Drain #8 Unexpressed Needs

It is no surprise that one of the biggest reasons for burn out is unexpressed needs wants and dreams. Learning how to say what you need to say when you need to say it is a skill set you develop over time. Correct timing is also critical. Have you ever shared a super insight and see it fall flat? Or someone else says the exact same thig and it is the best idea ever? You have your own point of view and way of expressing it. 

Hidden Energy Drain #9 Caught into Others Dramas

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