Manifest By Design

Join me for this 8 week online course and learn exactly how you are designed to consciously create in your world



Is this You?

  • You have studied & practiced manifesting with the laws of attraction, but still get limited results
  • You may create amazing results but sabotage them for no apparent reason
  • You struggle to get the results you want in your business (& life)
  • You get confused as to which action is required
  • You're always waiting & truly feel that the universe can't hear you!!!

Imagine if you could

 Uncover exactly how you are designed to consciously create the results you desire in your personal and professional life. 

Clarity on your Goal

Have a step by step process to clarify what you want. 

Reliable Decisions

Cut out the guesswork & learn your reliable decision making process.

 Master Allowing

Befriend your saboteurs and allow the benefits of your amazing work into your life.  

Introducing Manifest by Design - 8 week online Course

In 8 weeks I guide you through a step by step process to define and refine your manifesting style and get it up and running in your life & business. Get the results you want. 

Here's what you can expect

  • Get familiar with your design - Learn how you are wired to connect & communicate with the universal laws to create the results you want in your life, relationships and work

  • Create a Nurturing Environment - We use energy balancing tools to support your natural manifesting skillset and energize your results 

  • Live Mentoring every week - We get together every week to answer your questions on your manifesting plans. Calls on Wednesday at 6pm EDT, 11pm Dublin, 8am Thurs AEST

  • Manifesting Training Modules - Connecting your human design with the laws of creation (including law of attraction)

  • Facebook Community Support - Share questions, wins, aha's, breakthroughs as well as receive feedback & support

  • Bonus Course -  Daily Practice - Discover your Balance Baseline Course. Set Yourself up for success. Value - $299

  • 30 minute private call - Learn your reliable decision strategy. This is the result mover, as the decision predetermines the action. Value - Priceless



"I manifested more Clients"

Before I worked with Annita, I spent so much time trying to share my message, yet it wasn't seen or heard. I learnt how I was designed to market. Now I'm sharing consistently and bringing new clients into my business. Learning my way to manifest was a huge breakthrough for me. 


-Geraldine Ryan
Life & Career Coach

Manifest by Design - The plan

Manifest by Design (TM) is an 8 week online course designed to guide you through your manifesting process from the "Ask" to the "Allowing". You identify & address your saboteurs. This course provides all the support you need to activate your manifesting and get those results you want. 

The "Ask"

How are you wired to communicate? Do you find it easy to ask for what you want? Do you know what you want?

Guided Action

The idea can't become a result without the action. Are you taking actions to support your goal or your saboteur?

The Art of Allowing

The biggest struggle can be to allow success. Do you push it away? Limit it? Identify what's in the way of success for you.

Why this is different to other

Manifesting Courses?

What I have found is that the universal laws of creation, including the law of attraction, are consistent.

But one size does not fit all!!!

You are wired to connect with this energy in a particular way. So, what distinguishes this from other courses 

is that we use human design to pinpoint how you are wired to interact with and communicate to these laws to create the results you want in your life, relationships and work. It also can explain why, the way you are doing things is not really working for you. This mix of strategies is a game changer. 

  • You cut out the guess work by learning your reliable decision strategy
  • You get access to my expertise which guides you to bridge the universal laws of creation with your human design blueprint
  • You are supported as you develop your natural manifesting skillset
  • I guide you to create a daily balance practice that sets you up for success
  • I help connect you to your inner wisdom so you can do things your way without apology

Manifest by Design 8 week Course

What you can expect

Course starts January 22nd 2022

  • Weekly information videos
  • Weekly live Q & A calls (Wednesdays 6pm EDT, 11pm Irish, 8am Thursday AEST)
  • 30 minute private call to learn your reliable decision strategy (Value : Priceless)
  • FB Private Group Support to share your aha's, wins, challenges etc
  • Bonus: Develop Your daily Balance Practice Course (Value $299)