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"A" Game Academy

This is a 12 month mentoring program designed specifically to lead professional women to  brilliant without burning out.



Identify your Unique Life Strategy

Knowing your success blueprint helps you harness the power of your mind, emotions and energy to create the results you want while maintaining your work-life balance
Learn your Decision Style?

Do you struggle to make decisions? You know you need to make a change, yet  afraid you will make a mistake? Learn your specific decision style & transform overwhelm into confidence, moving forward. 
Learn to create success in your life? 

Are you the missing piece?

Coach for Your Success
One Size never fit all. You are designed to do things your way; without apology.

You are already an expert in your field and you are ready for the next level of professional impact, financial prosperity, and personal freedom.

Coaching for Your Success helps you pinpoint where you are stuck, freeing you up to not only see greater opportunities but avail of them in a way that works, uniquely for you.

The coaching process optimizes your relationship with yourself and others to optimize your influence and impact on your environment and results.


Corporate Course Design:
A Collaborative approach to Corporate Training

Leadership Coaching| Human Element of Change | Work life Balance | Communication & Team Development | A New Approach to Well Being in the Workplace.

Addressing the disconnect in the Corporate environment created by stress, change & busyness: The Keane Method has developed an alternative approach to engaging corporate associates in programs and training that promotes connection, enhances communication, and leverage employee time, energy and productivity when working towards their goals.


Human Design Courses
Living by Design Series

Knowing what you should do is one thing, actually doing it is another. Are you showing up in your life and relationships in a way that promote happiness and balance? Your work is important, it is core to your purpose in life and you need it to create the resources and financial outcomes that support you.

You can create change in your life and attract all the wealth, health, happiness and abundance that you want. All you need to know is how to harness your assets in the perfect way for you.

The "A" Game Academy | Decision Making Mastery | Tap into the power of Relationships | The Intuitive CEO

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Hire Annita as a motivational Speaker

“The best way to stand out is to be Yourself”

Annita helps busy professionals Play their A game under pressure. It is easier said than done. Annita talks about the human element inner game strategies that help yourself and your team with subjects like
  • “Clear & Confident Communication” How knowing your authentic voice can set you up to optimize your leadership and team performance
  • “Be the Change” How to navigate the human element of change in the Workplace
  • “Do as I Do” or “Do as I Say” : What is Your Authentic Leadership Style?
  • Three top tips all professional women use to get great results under pressure
  • Be Brilliant without Burnout
  • The future of mental health in the Workplace. How human design can predict your mindset and how you can optimize this at work.
  • Annita Keane

    “Annita Keane is one of the freshest, most entertaining, informative speakers I have heard for a long time. I enjoyed every minute.”


  • Annita Keane

    “Annita’s program content was powerful and life changing. Her relaxed presentation style and positive energy kept me engaged throughout the program.”

    President of Zust + Company