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“Annita is an engaging, energetic, speaker who is not only knowledgeable but inspiring.”

- Sheila Bucannan

What is Transformational Speaking?

What if there is only one success formula that will work for you? One that must be tailored to Your unique energy blueprint? What if trying to follow someone else’s formula is the root of your discomfort?

Feeling stuck, Overwhelmed, unfulfilled, indecisive, lacking direction & confidence,
living to a fraction of your potential?

I invite you to explore your true potential –why you need to do things your way – become curious about leveraging your time and energy – uncover how you unintentionally sabotage yourself  – how your decisions determine your results - what to do about results you no longer want to repeat.

Available Keynotes

“Do as I Do” or “Do as I say”
What is your leadership style anyway?

What is your success blueprint and how are you called to lead?

  • Your Life
  • Your relationships
  • Your Work
Learn how to lead yourself and others to the next level of your potential.

“Be Brilliant Without Burnout”

Learn how stress impacts your decisions and what you can do about it. Harnessing stress as a turbo boost and not a super drain is a success strategy you won’t want to miss.

“3 Top tips Busy professional women use to get great results under pressure”
Discover how stress can sabotage your best efforts. Where are you susceptible? Uncover simple strategies you can use to reset inner harmony so your decisions lead to great results that support your life, relationships and wellbeing.

Annita Keane

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