Unlock Your Money Flow



You know you're here to make a difference. You love what you do and you want to help  more people, but you....

  • Keep hitting money glass ceilings regardless of your personal work
  • Self sabotage when it comes to handling money
  • You've tried  many ways to clear these money blocks but you don't see it in your bank balance yet.

& You're stuck as to how to change this...

The good news is it's not something you're doing wrong...

Success mindset and uncovering beliefs have brought you this far and you are ready to make more money doing what you love.


But your big question repeats over and over in your head...

HOW? How do I make more money without stressing out?



Imagine if you had an easy way to  

  • Discover and clear your deepest layers of self sabotage around money (It's more than money mindset)

  • Identify exactly what stops you from shaping the money picture you want

  • Know what keeps you off track by leaning into your human design

  • Open your abundance channel to let your money flow freely.


Well You Can...


"Unlock Your Money Flow"

This is a 3 month online group mentoring program where you'll free yourself to earn more money by clearing your deepest layers of sabotaging money.

And you'll do it by staying true to your values with integrity. 

It starts Monday May 15th 2023 at 1pm Pacific | 4pm EST | 9pm Dublin

This is mentoring experience is for heart centered entrepreneurs who...

  • Are busy trying to do all the things you "should", but that don't light you up or make the money you expected

  • Let anxiety about money cause you to take contracts or clients that are really "hard work" - because you need the money

  • Work hard but never get to the level of reward you desire in terms of money, credibility, position or ease

  • You are uncertain about your inner guidance and maybe second guess it

  • You're frustrated. The more you strive to make more money the less money you make... 

What is that? - Isn't hard work supposed to pay off????


Here's Where You Focus

in this 3 Month Experience  

Month One: Create Your Money Map

  • Discover why "money mindset" isn't enough and follow a step by step process to reveal where you're blocked with respect to money.
  • Uncover the deepest layers of your self sabotage around money
  • Reclaim your self belief , trust and confidence in your ability to generate wealth. 

You'll receive a special handout to capture your personal money map and a personalized tapping guide to continue clearing the blocks uncovered during this diagnostic process. 

Month 2: Create Goals You CAN Achieve


  • Uncover any limiting beliefs about earning more money and even start to see results in your income.
  • Feel more enthusiastic about your marketing and charging your worth.
  • We look at the underlying cause of procrastination and take guided action with ease.

Month 3: Free Your Money Flow

  • Set up your energy to earn and create money in alignment with the highest joyful, win-win vibe.
  • Reveal the "hidden agendas" in your inner worth and value.
  • Shine the light of your own brilliance and amazingness more brightly as you step onto the pathway to truly earning more.

Here you will open up to more confidence, excitement and willingness to be seen so you can market yourself effectively. 


If you're ready to free yourself to earn more money in your life & work? 

Hop into "Unlock the Money Flow" now

Here's the nuts and bolts of what to expect from the program 

3 Mentoring Calls a Month

We will have 3 X 90 minute mentoring calls each month. Each will have a breakthrough element. One call is dedicated to answer your questions. 

Each Call is Recorded

 We record all calls , trainings, Q & A sessions and videos so you never miss a thing. We will also add bonus calls from time to time throughout the year. 

Community Forum

It goes without saying how important it is to connect with like minded individuals that can support you on your journey. Try out new ideas, share your ahas, questions etc. 

24/7 Access to the Learning Center

This is where you will find the materials and processes that will support your breakthrough process. All the call recordings are stored here.

Bonus Materials:

  • Pay in full Bonus Call: 90 Minute Activate Your Prosperity Pathway Group Master Class (Value $333)

Bonus Materials 

  • A visualization to activate your prosperity (Value $97)
  • A balancing sound recording to help you hear your guidance more clearly. Created by Geraldine Ryan of www.geraldineryancoaching.com - (Value $97)
  • Theta healing process to help you shift your subconscious beliefs (Value $97)

Pricing options

Pick the price option that best fits your needs.

Pay in full sign up bonus - Activate Your Prosperity Masterclass where you lean into the money making aspects in your human design.

The doors close midnight Sunday 14th May

Payment Plan


on purchase, followed by 2 payments of $177

Best Price


per 3 months - Save over $80: Pay in Full Masterclass Bonus

Meet Your Host: Annita Keane

I'm passionate about helping talented heart centered entrepreneurs make more money in their business by removing hidden money blocks. This inner work is key to shifting your outer money story.

There's more blocks to money manifesting than money mindset and limiting beliefs and I help you find and clear them. 

Nobody is talking about these blocks. I have found that they form your invisible money ceiling and removing them is a game changer. 

My claim to fame is that I brought energy work into the boardroom. I do have the science "know how" to back up my work with a MSc in Biomedical Science. My work has been distributed in several different countries and I'm a best selling author of the book "How do I Know? Your Guide to Decision Making Mastery". 

You can Join the Program here