This is for You if you are ready to....

  • End the frustration you feel about your business
  • Generate more income by aligning with your abundant flow
  • Adapt your current business & marketing methods to get better results
  • Learn how to save time, money and energy by doing business your way
  • Tap into your natural marketing style

In this human design reading you will get clarity on -

  • Your natural keys for success in business
  • How you are designed to manifest money
  • Next Steps - Are you ready to activate your success keys and make more money in your business
  • What is your natural marketing style?
  • What gets in the way of manifesting money?

What to Expect from the session

  • When you sign up you get an email with links to fill out a simple questionnaire 
  • You also receive a link to Schedule your 90 minute call 
  • 90 minute virtual human design session to identify your keys to create more money in your business 
  • A recording is available so you get to participate fully on the call

Your Investment $333   

  What is Human Design....

Human design is an energetic profiling system I use to help you establish your natural business process. What I have found is that we each have a natural way to make money "Your Prosperity Pathway".

When we become anxious about money - our natural money manifesting amazingness becomes money blocking walls.

- It doesn't have to be this way -

The truth is

" You want clarity how you are wired to do business and with whom"

Join me and discover your way



Annita Keane, MSc. Success Coach, Best selling Author, Trainer

Combining a biomedical science background with extensive holistic experience, I started a healing/coaching business with no business experience what so ever. I pursued all the courses I could to develop my skills until I realized - while the marketing an biz skills were great -  I had to learn to make them my own. So what was my way? I didn't know.

I felt like a marketing contortionist!!! Trying to adapt my work to the marketing tool rather than the other way round. And while I got results - they were a fraction of what I expected. 

As a result my philosophy is simple: one size does not fit all. I use cutting edge profiling to ensure that my clients uncover their business style by design. This includes activating their natural prosperity path to make money, attract clients, opportunities and market in a way that is perfect for them. 

I am an Amazon best-selling author and success coach. My work has been distributed globally and translated into seven different languages. I brought energy work into the boardroom, using powerful, quick and effective techniques that help my clients retain clarity, focus and composure when working under pressure.