I help heart centered coaches & entrepreneurs manifest more money in your business by

  • Identifying YOUR business success formula by Human Design
  • Activating Your natural Prosperity Pathway
  • Recognizing and magnetizing Lucrative Opportunities
  • Discovering how to adapt to constant change - even when you can't know the outcome
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What's different about me?

I use human design to help you pinpoint your business path to prosperity and success 

Human Design is a cutting edge profiling tool based on birth date, time and place which is used to work out how you are wired to leverage your genetic design and navigate life in a manner that is aligned with who you are.

This tool helps me pinpoint exactly how your are wired to create resources (money, clients, opportunities) in your life and business. And I teach you how to activate this in your life and business.

Watch this video to find out more about the basics - Human Design

Annita Keane, MSc.      Coach, Best selling Author, Trainer

Combining a biomedical science background with extensive holistic experience, I teach busy professionals how to master change under pressure. My philosophy is simple: one size does not fit all. I use cutting edge profiling to ensure I connect my clients to their natural abilities to manage and lead change.                                                                                     I am an Amazon best-selling author and success coach. My work has been distributed globally and translated into seven different languages. I brought energy work into the boardroom, using powerful, quick and effective techniques that help my clients retain clarity, focus and composure when working under pressure.

More About Me


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