Individual & Relationship Coach

Your Path to Leadership Success

& Healthy Work - Life Balance

I help Busy Professionals Overcome Uncertainty and Resistance to Change,

when managing Crisis, in high pressure environments.

Holistic Energy Management Consulting

Individual Coaching

Suitable for aspiring/current leaders who want to  develop leadership potential and build a solid foundation for a healthy work-life balance. Leverage your time, energy & skills, your way, to create the success you deserve.

Relationship Coaching

Suitable for  individuals/professionals who are experiencing relationship crisis at home or in work. Harness the power of your natural interactive style to enhance your relationship skillsets personally and professionally.

Is Your home/office Environment supporting you 

Often your home/office environment can keep you stuck. I use fengshui to help you create more flow and harmony in your relationships, finances & career while supporting a healthy work - life balance. 


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This flu pandemic is creating havoc world wide. Working from home can be a challange. Distractions, overwhelm, difficulty focusing? Get your home office energized to support you and your work/business through this crisis.  

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When to call Us

Do you experience any of the following challanges personally or professionally?

Individual Challenge

  • You struggle to create balance in your life - work
  • You were hired for your technical skillset and find that you're now managing a team (with little training)
  • You feel frustrated & undervalued
  • You are being passed over for the promotion you deserve
  • You have lost your enthusiasm for the work/career, or feel burnt out
  • You know you want to change but you don't know next steps
  • You know your next steps, you struggle to take them

Relationship Conflict

  • You are experiencing a current relationship crisis
  • Communication difficulties are affecting your results 
  • You were hired for your technical skillset and find that you're now managing a team (with little training)
  • You are supportive but your support is not reciprocated
  • Your relationships in work are good. It is your personal relationships that are in conflict
  • You find your relationships draining

Home - Workplace Environment

  • Struggle with focus 
  • Feel stuck in your life
  • Overwhelm
  • More reactive resistance to change, impacting creativity & progress
  • You want to enhance your  connections
  • You have done everything to develop your life/career/relationships and not getting the results you deserve

What to Expect in the workplace

We design custom courses depending on your specific challenge. The trainings are easy to access and implement & are available on line and in-person. 

Our courses are designed to be

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Engaging
  • Generating sustainable practices that contribute to influence the individual, the work and the culture within the business.

This training is delivered at different levels i.e. This is because each level of leadership has different pressures and therefore different needs

  • Leadership - ONE-2-ONE & Group
  • Manager/director - team - Group and limited one-2-one
  • General associate training - primarily online training

Expected Benefits as an Individual/Leader

  • Minimize stress by developing confidence in your unique leadership style
  • Foster strong relationships with healthy boundaries, overcoming any fear of connection
  • Learn how to motivate those on your team NOT motivated by stress
  • Adapt to change with ease and a greater understanding of the uncertainties faced by your colleagues
  • Work smarter & adopt the CEO mindset by delegating wisely and not overcommitting
  • Make those tough decisions under pressure with confidence

Expected Benefits for the Company 

  • Address wellness in the workplace by Promoting work - life balance
  • Foster connection creating high performing teams including cross functional team cohesion
  • Retain top talent by recognizing what motivates up coming talent
  • Manage effective change by connecting the human element of change with existing change management skillsets.
  • Improve the bottom line by reducing avoidable costs
  • Integrate the "Human Element Skillset" training with technical trainings such as procedural, quality, informational change processes, operational training