Manifest by Design Community


This is an energetic space to help Supercharge your Ability to Generate the Resources, Money and

Abundance you Desire with Ease


By simply being in this space you get consistent access to the energy that helps you manifest prosperity. This is my life theme in human design. 

I have a profound effect on anyone I work with just by tapping into my energy. 

While the laws of attraction tell you about manifesting in general, You learn how you're designed to engage with your manifesting process using human design as a blueprint for your success. 

This is the missing piece to successful manifesting


By being Part of my Inner Circle & Taking part in our activities


  • You'll Perfect your Unique Manifesting Process
  • You're going to know exactly where and how you get stuck
  • You'll learn the skills to breakthrough & get the results you want
  • You'll identify the saboteurs and use them to keep you on track
  • You'll change your relationship with Prosperity - in particular Money

Supercharge your Prosperity



Here's what my clients have to say... 

  • Annita Keane

    “"I manifested more Clients"

    Before I worked with Annita, I spent so much time trying to share my message, yet it wasn't seen or heard. I learnt how I was designed to market. Now I'm sharing consistently and bringing new clients into my business. Learning my way to manifest was a huge breakthrough for me. ”

    Image 5-21-18 at 12.08 AM

    Intuitive Coach

  • Annita Keane

    “I find it easier to stay on Track!
    Before working with Annita, I got stuck so easily. I'd go off track and often give up on my goal. Now I manifest and when I get stuck, I know exactly what to do.. I just manifested a new job.”



Here's what You get Inside

This is a 6 month mentoring program where you’ll get access to community portal with modules to support your manifesting process… an active and supportive community… 

Starts 8th February 2023

  • Training modules released the first week of every month - The training modules will cover all the elements of manifesting   from which you can relate these to your design to find your unique style
  • Manifesting Skills Call - Here you learn the skills that support your manifesting. Your success mindset, emotional intelligence, decision strategy, reading your cues and universal cues etc

Join Now to Supercharge Your Prosperity

This is YOUR SPACE to activate your prosperity and start taking bigger and bolder steps toward your dreams! 

Are You Ready to Hop in?

Price : $1,111 for 6 months

(This price is available for a limited time)

Or Pay monthly : $222 / month


Our Monthly Themes Revolve around

      • Create your Money Map
      • Specific Money blocks
      • Build your receiving muscle
      • Goal setting
      • Dissolving Old Goal Trauma
      • Decisions

  •  Completions
  • Understand your Ask
  • Identify Your Saboteurs
  • Use your saboteurs to stay on track
  • 4 Ways to get unstuck
  • Take inspired Action

Is Manifesting by Design Community Right for You?

  • You want to learn your path to manifesting
  • You're ready to unravel your fears and dissolve old disappointments from the past
  • You're ready to get clarity on your wants and dreams
  • You appreciate the importance of inner work to get unstuck
  • You want to stay motivated and focused on your path
  • You're excited to tryout the breakthrough tools for yourself (and also help your clients)
  • You don't want to do this journey alone

You want to make your dreams a reality in every aspect of your life

Join Here to Supercharge Your Prosperity

  • Annita Keane

    “Annita helped me put my book out there."
    "I'd finished writing my book and didn't do anything with it for 2 years. Working with Annita helped me understand a variety of aspects of myself and how I work and respond to people and life. She put me in touch with the resources I needed. I'm now a # 1 Bestselling Author.”


    Speech Therapist, #1 Best Selling Author