Manifest by Design Transformational Community

This transformational community brings together

like minded people

who want to create their life and business following the path of least resistance. 

A proven approach to Manifesting

Getting started can be daunting. We provide expert support as you navigate the ups and downs of the manifesting process.

Identifying the resistance, the fears and the saboteurs and breaking through them with ease and grace to meet your goals more quickly.

Keeping you motivated and on your path. 

You see, as soon as you set a goal, you create a gap between what you want and what you don't have yet. It creates a ripple in your comfort zone. This can be enough to set off the resistance, procrastination and saboteurs. We will have different fears, triggers, limited beliefs, saboteur patterns.....

So what do you do when resistance and procrastination kicks in? 

Procrastinate? Get stuck? Stress out? Feel embarrassed? Give yourself a hard time? Make excuses? Freeze?

The beauty is there is another side to being STUCK & that is BREAKTHROUGH. 

You will receive all the support you need to Breakthrough your Manifesting Blocks & take that bold step to create your dreams

You can join the Community Portal HERE


Identify what You want

Asking what you want is the first trigger in our manifesting process. Do you know what you want? Often we chase what we think we want until we get it and our expectation exceeded the actual result. 

Breakthrough Your Saboteurs

We all have different saboteurs, triggers, fears, background stories that can limit our manifesting. Knowing how to address this inner work is key to your manifesting process. It can be easier than you think.

Learn Your Path to Manifesting

You have a unique design that determines how you are wired to interact with your world to create the results you want. Do you know yours? You will learn it here. 

Is Manifesting by Design Community Right for You?

  • You want to learn your path to manifesting
  • You're ready to unravel your fears and dissolve old disappointments from the past
  • You're ready to get clarity on your wants and dreams
  • You appreciate the importance of inner work to get unstuck
  • You want to stay motivated and focused on your path
  • You don't want to do this journey alone

You can Join the Manifesting Community Here

What do I get access to when I join?

You’ll get access to community portal with modules to support your manifesting process… an active and supportive community… AND:


This is YOUR SPACE to be loved and supported while you do your inner work and start taking bigger and bolder steps toward your dreams!

Are You Ready to Hop in?

Price : $297 for a year

(This price is available for a limited time)

Or Pay monthly : $33 / month


Why this is different to other  Manifesting Courses?

What I have found is that the universal laws of creation, including the law of attraction, are consistent. 

But one size does not fit all!!!

You are wired to connect with this energy in a particular way.

So, what distinguishes this from other courses?   Other courses give you a general view of manifesting, general blocks and saboteurs.

We use human design to pinpoint how your specific way to interact with and communicate to these universal laws to create the results you want in your life, relationships and work. It also can explain why, the way you are doing things is not really working for you. This mix of strategies is a game changer. 

  • You cut out the guess work by learning your reliable decision strategy
  • You get access to my expertise which guides you to bridge the universal laws of creation with your human design blueprint
  • You are supported as you develop your natural manifesting skillset
  • I guide you to create a daily balance practice that sets you up for success
  • I help connect you to your inner wisdom so you can do things your way without apology
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  • Annita Keane

    “"I manifested more Clients"

    Before I worked with Annita, I spent so much time trying to share my message, yet it wasn't seen or heard. I learnt how I was designed to market. Now I'm sharing consistently and bringing new clients into my business. Learning my way to manifest was a huge breakthrough for me. ”

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    Life and Career Coach

  • Annita Keane

    “I find it easier to stay on Track!
    Before working with Annita, I got stuck so easily. I'd go off track and often give up on my goal. Now I manifest and when I get stuck, I know exactly what to do.. I just manifested a new job. ”