Your Prosperity Pathway

You may be familiar with the "hard work", scarcity business model. Your Prosperity pathway is your inner game of business that sets you and your business up to thrive in a balanced way. You create sustainable process to make money, market with ease, attract your ideal clients in flow with your natural wiring for business.

6 week One - 2 - One program for the discerning coach | heart-centred entrepreneur who wants to bridge their amazing skillset with their business to manifest more resources i.e. money, clients, colleagues and opportunities - fully supporting themselves and their business - WIN - WIN or No Deal 

  • Activate your prosperity pathway
  • Make decisions that add to your bank balance
  • Market the way YOU are supposed to (Not the way everyone thinks you should)
  • Magnetize the resources you need to support doing the work you love - clients, colleagues, opportunities and money
  • Learn to tell the difference between a money making opportunity and one designed for "fun"

One thing I know for sure is that no amount of marketing, networking, hustling will work the way it should if your prosperity pathway is turned off. 

This Is For You If:

  • You are sick and tired of trying to make those biz & marketing tools work
  • You feel anxious about having enough clients or money
  • You feel panicked that you are disconnected from your life purpose
  • You have cleared a lot of money blocks - Now what? You still don't know your money making style to move forward
  • You are uncertain what to commit to because of the trauma of past 'failures'
  • You want to break your money glass ceiling once and for all

You Will Get

1 x 90 minute deep dive call to map out your energetic profile

This includes a human design reading identifying & activating your prosperity pathway, your decision style and plan out the next few weeks of your process. See below for details

1*30 minute calls & 4*60 minute calls over the following 6 weeks

All sessions are recorded and available after the session

Human design resources necessary to get you up and running

The energy tools necessary to help you activate your prosperity path and achieve the balance you need to recognize the opportunities that are correct for you so you can manifest more money. This is a skill set for life 

The full price for this $997

See Weekly Themes Below

Prosperity pathway week 1

Week 1 : 90 minute deep dive session

Problem: If you don't have previous business experience, the tendency is to go from one course to another and look to a successful model for you. The thing is - you need to adapt the model to your business style - if you know what that is? Problem can be reduced prosperity as you are not wired to follow another's way but to adapt it to your natural process. 

Solution: We use human design identify your natural business style. Are you a multitasker or a "one thing at a time" person? Are you a starter or a finisher? A delegator or a doer? A planner or a creative? How do you make decisions? What is your natural marketing style? Knowing what you are aligning your business tools to (i.e. your own style) becomes a game changer in how you can optimize your previous and future biz/marketing tool investments

Week 2 : 30 minute session - End  Indecision  

Problem : Indecision can paralyze your action taking in business, what program to launch, will you add to the team?, what business tools do you invest in? There is too much information available to rely on your head alone when making decisions

Solution: This week you learn your unique decision strategy and how to activate it. Over time you become confident of your decision skillset - even if you don't know the outcome 


Week 3 : 60 min session - Dissolve the Prosperity Trap  

Problem: Just because there are problems in front of you - doesn't mean you have to jump in. How you solve problems can open or close your prosperity pathway.

Solution: You have your own unique way of making and solving problems. Learn how to problem solve in a way that opens your door to prosperity.

Week Four: 60 minute session - Activate your prosperity pathway

Problem: Doing business your way is one of the most important keys to open up your prosperity. Trying to "fit in" and doing your own thing can be difficult. Fear of not fitting in, or of what people might think is detrimental to your prosperity flow. 

Solution: Learn the keys to opening your prosperity pathway. Naturally attract clients, colleagues and oppertunities. Energize your marketing magic

Website home page Pic 3 KEY To success

Week 5: 60 minute session - Marketing & Your Message

Problem: There are great marketing tools out there. Sometimes it feels like you are contorting yourself to adapt your work and or yourself to fit the program -  with limited results. Or you never get past the prosperity trap and your message seems to fall on deaf ears or you don't share your message in the first place

Solution: Learn your natural marketing style. How are you wired to present and magnetize your message? Are you better to share problems or solutions? Do you need to speak from the heart or can you be frank?  

Week 6: 60 minute session - Manifesting Money Your Way

Problem: There are so many mindset blocks to money. When you become anxious or worry about it, you shut down your natural money manifesting amazingness. 

Solution: Learn how you are wired to manifest money and how to keep it flowing. Are you a natural doer or do you delegate? Do you initiate or let it come to you? Its all in the timing...

Manifesting Money

This is not for you if...

  • You want someone to do it for you
  • You are not ready to give up the struggle
  • You like your money sabateur
  • Running in circles appeals to you 

Schedule a call and we can discuss any questions you may have about starting this program. I look forward to speaking with you.

Annita Keane, MSc., Prosperity Coach, Best selling Author, Trainer

Combining a biomedical science background with extensive holistic experience, I teach busy professionals how to activate their prosperity pathway. My philosophy is simple: one size does not fit all. I use cutting edge profiling to ensure I connect my clients to their natural abilities to manifest all the resources they need to support themselves doing the work they love.                                                                                     I am an Amazon best-selling author and success coach. My work has been distributed globally and translated into seven different languages. I brought energy work into the boardroom, using powerful, quick and effective techniques that help my clients retain clarity, focus and composure when working under pressure. This translates beautifully into the transformational coaching area as the levels of support required can be underestimated. 

My mission is to help you share your amazing work in a way that supports you in return. Win - win or no deal :)