Have you left your corporate career

to start a transformational business

But you're not getting the results and income you expected?

You might have learnt and tried to apply traditional business methods, but they just DON'T WORK for You.


The Truth is: You have a unique way of doing business

I help you discover hidden cues and secrets to successfully run your business in simpler and more natural - TO YOU - ways that will make you feel more aligned, confident, inspired and unlock your money and prosperity flow.

Introducing Connect Your Business to Your Prosperity

This is a 12 week online program where you create a business model that aligns your purpose with your prosperity. This is a holistic approach to business that blends your human design with your existing training and expertise. 

There are a number of business elements necessary to create success. In this course, I use your human design as an energetic map to identify how these business elements relate to you and your unique process of creating success. 


In the 12 engaging modules released over 12 weeks, we'll find your unique gifts in the following areas:

  1. How to access the energy to take CONSISTENT ACTION
  3. How to channel your PURPOSE through your Business
  4. Learning to choose which BUSINESS IDEAS are CORRECT for you.
  5. What are you designed to talk about that makes you MAGNETIC
  6. Identify WHO you attract and HOW you attract them
  7. Package your expertise in a way that gets your clients RESULTS
  8. Discover your unique SELLING STYLE.
  9. Your SABOTEURS: Work | People | Money blocks
  11. Pulling it all together: OPEN YOUR PROSPERITY PATH
  12. Pulling it all together: Using Human Design to navigate your daily business activities without overwhelm

Program Structure


  • 12 Weeks of mentoring and ongoing support
  • Weekly training modules. Each week you will have access to the information hub where you follow a step by step process to get clear on how you work, make money, attract clients and optimize your work life balance.
  • Bonus modules. Sometimes questions arise that require a bonus module to clarify. I'll add these in as we go. Eg. Mini courses: Boost your manifesting by design and Activate your prosperity by design.... etc 
  • Workbook to help you build your business system as you go
  • 12 live Q & A Calls. These calls will be held on zoom every Wednesday & are approx. 90 minutes long and address your questions to help you customize the information to your specific situation. 
  • All calls are recorded. So you won't miss a thing. 

Pricing options

Here are different pricing options for you to choose from.

Pay in full  and receive a Bonus 90 minute reading "Your Prosperity Pathway Blueprint"

discovering your keys to prosperity by design (Value $333) 

Payment plan

$377 x 3

$377 on signup followed by 2 payments of $377
Most popular

Pay in Full


Save almost $200

VIP Option


Only 5 places available

Includes 6 X 30 minute sessions to get crystal clear on your business process


"I really struggled with my marketing. 

Worrying what to write, when to post, and never felt seen. Working with Annita showed me how I'm actually designed to market. Not only that, I enjoy creating content now and have got someone to manage my social media. Learning my way of doing business was a huge breakthrough for me." 


-Geraldine Ryan
Intuitive Coach

Hi, I am Annita Keane.
Formerly a biomedical scientist, I bridge the science and energy work to 
help coaches and healers create that unique business/work model that aligns with their prosperity. ie create more success in the form of money, promotion, increased job satisfaction , relationships etc

I use cutting-edge energy profiling to help you assess and embody your business blueprint.
So many of my clients have moved from the corporate arena into the coaching world, which is a very different environment. Working at a traditional work pace will quickly cause burnout when running your own business. 

My claim to fame was to bring energy work “into the boardroom,” using powerful, quick, and practical techniques that help my clients retain clarity, focus, and composure when working under pressure. Perfect also for entrepreneurs. 

I've helped thousands of professionals around the world.
Amazon Bestselling Author of How Do I Know? Your Guide to Decision Making Mastery. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Question #1: Do I need to know a lot about human design?

The simple answer is no. I will provide relevant information in the information hub. I will ask you to get a human design book that gives you the meanings of the gates. Some examples include "Understanding Human Design" by Karen Curry Parker. "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd, "Human Design, Discover the person you were born to be" by Chetan Parkyn. 

Question #2: What makes this different from a traditional business course?

We use your human design energetic profile as a template to adapt your specific way of working to your business. How you think, act, what gets in the way and most importantly what conditions you need to set up to align your business with your prosperity.

Question #3: I've had a human design reading before. It was good but a lot of information. Is this course going to be all information?

This is a great question. I'm a 5:1 projector type by human design so my mission is to help you practically  apply the information from your design into how you'll be most successful in your business. You'll learn how to bring your prosperity potential to life. The program has a balance of  information and experiences. 

Question #4: I've burnt out in the past, will this help me moving forward?

Yes, I burnt out also because I tried to apply the work strategies from my busy hospital career into my business. I found out quickly that wasn't going to work. But I didn't't know what else to do. This program will help you discover the alternative business process that applies specifically to you and keep your prosperity path turned on without the burnout element.