3 Tips To Stay On Track In Your Business When Coaching People Through Change

Activate Your Prosperity Pathway (2)

Just over a year into the COVID pandemic, one thing I know for sure is that change is the only thing we can rely on. And with all of these changes the one thing that shines through for me is the realization that at least 40% of the things I thought I had to do to run a successful business are no longer necessary if they ever were! Despite major upheaval and change, a business can keep going.

So, my question today is: What has change meant for you and how do you navigate changes for both yourself and your client, AND stay on track with your business?

Where does change mean for you?

Do you consciously co-create change in your business based on your preferences and business goals? Or do you find yourself forced into change? Fighting it all the way, exhausted by the time the change is implemented?

To be honest I’ve done both in the past regardless of whether I wanted to implement a change or whether I was forced to change. And the reason I want to share this today is because if you are off track when navigating change, you risk switching off your Prosperity Pathway.

What does that mean? Well, your Prosperity Pathway is your natural process to magnetize the clients, opportunities and money into your life and work. When off, you may experience anxiety due to a slowdown in clients, opportunities and cashflow. You may find you are in that draining cycle – compromising your work preferences to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. Does this sound familiar?


How can you better navigate change?


There are a number of factors that can impact your prosperous flow, especially as a transformational coach. Mastering these can help you to better navigate change.

Factor 1: Understanding when you are taking on your client's energy.

Do you know when you are impacted by your clients? Just because we can see and understand what is going on from a coaching perspective, doesn’t mean we aren’t also impacted by the client's energy around that.

Have you ever felt ensnared by your client energy? Do you know when you are in the client story or emotionally charged about it? As a transformational coach, your “fire” isn’t as obvious as that of the fireman, but it impacts you, nonetheless. It throws you off balance and shuts down your prosperity pathway as indicated above, not to mind setting you up for burnout.

It’s important to know the indicators that tell you’re sucked in. You can use them to (a) know you are off track and (b) know what to do about it. Being aware of these indicators helps you reset quickly and keep in alignment with your prosperous flow.

Factor 2: Knowing what your self-care balance baseline is.

Do you know your self-care balance baseline? Your mindset, emotional, energetic and physical balance? It’s funny, but I have found that the lines between work and home have blurred considerably in the last year. Not only that, but access to clients from all over the world makes client session timing more challenging. Because of this, self-care needs to be more intentional for sure.

Knowing you are in balance when setting up with your client is key. You will immediately know when you are being impacted by your client and can reset your balance sooner. It’s easy to underestimate the impact of your client energy when taking a zoom meeting as opposed to meeting face to face.  Your health is directly proportional to your prosperity flow and the health of your business so it is important to be able to step out and realign so that your self-care balance baseline is not affected.

Factor 3: Know your own change indicators.

I call this the wobble. Believe it or not, you are wired to navigate change in a way that is unique to you. The biggest trap in the change process is not knowing how you are wired for change.

You may have learnt that change meant you were quitting or have the belief “why change what’s not broken”. Maybe you see change as a loss rather than a new beginning. Either way learning how to navigate change and lead your clients through theirs as well as keep your business abundant is a valuable skill set to learn. Everybody has a wobble. It might be feeling there is something wrong, the change hasn’t happened yet, or you doubt your ability to carry it through and quit before time or maybe you push through only to find out on the other side the result wasn’t what you wanted.

Human Design is a powerful tool that shows you how you are naturally wired to change, run your business and manage your clients. It identifies what predictable behaviors indicate you are on or off track? All the while keeping your Prosperity Path open and abundance flowing. 

If you want to learn more about how Human Design can help you to navigate change, join me for a free challenge in two weeks where you learn 6 steps to activating your prosperity pathway and keeping it activated.


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