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Find below a number of different ways you can develop your prosperity pathway, your career & your relationships. I look forward to working with you. 

Know how you are wired to manifest more Money in your business

This is a 90 Minute Human Design reading to discover your success keys to manifest money in your business

This is for you if you are uncertain about

  • Your keys for business success 
  • Your natural marketing style
  • Your natural business focus/client niche 
  • What is getting in the way of manifesting money

I work on the premise that "One size doesn't fit everybody"

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 VIP One - One Coaching

6 month One - 2 - One  for the coach/ entrepreneur who wants balance and support to manifest more money by design, through activating their prosperity pathway, easeful marketing and magnetizing ideal clients 

This is for you if 

  • You want to "Manifest more Money" in your biz
  • You are frustrated, running in circles trying to magnetize the clients & money that reflect all that hard work
  • You are adjusting your work to the biz/marketing tools - your results are limited and you're not sure why
  • You want to bring more balance to your work/life

What to Expect 

  • 6 months one - to - one mentoring
  • Prosperity blueprint reading ($333 value)
  • Office fengshui support 
  • 3x45 minute calls a month
  • Membership to the Oasis 


  • Learn your business style
  • Activate your prosperity pathway (attracting money, clients & opportunities)
  • Move the money dial in your business by learning your reliable decision style
  • Marketing by design - identify your marketing style
  • Learn how to leverage your energy and create life work balance

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Prosperity Pathway Oasis

12 month support for the coach/entrepreneur who wants to develop their unique way of building a business, supporting amazing clients without burning out.

Do you feel defeated by your business? You love what you do but it's such hard work for the limited funds showing up on your bank balance. You love helping your clients but often put your own transformation/self care on the long finger. This can turn off your prosperity pathway. This shows up as a decline in clients, income and opportunities and the only way back is to restore your personal balance. 

The key to a successful, sustainable business is uncovering your natural way to do business. Where you naturally make more money, attract the clients and opportunities that sustain you while doing what you love without burnout. 

My offer is a year long group mentoring package that helps you 

  • Identify and activate your natural business groove
  • Get your business on track, breaking that money glass ceiling once and for all while restoring a decent work life balance doing what you love - YOUR WAY

  • Stop running in circles in your business trying to get all the things done. 

  • End the worry about not having enough clients or opportunities

  • Convert that crazy stress energy into creative juices

  • Get the support you need without it costing you a fortune

Supporting you and your business moving forward


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