Lighthouse Projector Series

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Illuminating the Path to Clarity, Action & Prosperity in Work and Life


Lighthouse Projector Series

Welcome to the Lighthouse Projector Series, where hosts Annita Keane and Juliette Stapleton are on a mission to demystify, debunk, and dispel limiting perceptions surrounding the terminology of Human Design and manifestation.

Through candid conversations, personal stories, and expert insights, Annita and Juliette guide listeners in how to apply Human Design principles to navigate marketing and business successfully. Join us as we illuminate the path to clarity, action, and intentional living and BEING.

Waiting By Human Design

In this first episode of the Lighthouse Projector Series, we dive into the transformative power of understanding Human Design basics and navigating the concept of WAITING with intention. Join us as we explore the nuances of decision-making, emotional clarity, and the active nature of waiting. 

Wait for the invitation, Wait to respond, Wait for right timing....

Projectors - What is your invitation process? 

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were sure the invitation was correct only to have it fall flat and nothing come of it?

It's annoying isn't it? Knowing your invitation process is key to your ability to manifest your hearts desires. And as everything with human design - you have your own invitation process. Join Juliette and myself as we discuss the nuances of "the invitation" process. You will never look at invitations in the same way again. 

Stop Fixating on Others by Design

"The way we relate to anything is the way we relate to everything". How we connect in our relationships influences how we relate to different aspects of our business. 

In this episode we look at how we're designed to connect by design and it's influence on relationships. How does separation anxiety show up for you? Or maybe you fear making connections? 

Join us as we uncover how your human design can be used to teach how you create clear healthy connections in your relationships. 

Notice any familiar patterns with how you relate to your business?