- I help you Breakthrough the money Glass Ceiling in your business -

By identifying your way of doing business that will naturally activate your abundance flow. 

My Services

90 Minute Reading

Know how you are wired to create success in your business

1:1 Coaching

Activate your prosperity pathway, with 6 months, one-to-one coaching

Inner Game of Business - Open for Enrollment

12 month support for the female entrepreneur who wants to develop their unique way of building a business.

My name is Annita Keane & I help You 

  • Identify your unique business success formula by Human Design
  • Activate Your natural Prosperity Pathway
  • End indecision and self doubt by learning your reliable decision strategy 
  • Learn new and energizing client attraction strategies
  • Guide you on how to create a healthy client - coach dynamic relationship that supports optimal transformation for your client and energizes you in the process
  • Create a balanced work - life & Avoid burnout 
  • Optimize your office environment to support your business success using the Art of Feng Shui
Work with Me
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Meet Your Host


Hi, I am Annita Keane. I am a Prosperity Coach for coaches and holistic practitioners and a Human Design Specialist.
Setting up your own business is like entering the personal development Olympics. Running a business means constantly dealing with change, stress, and pressure. And because working on your mindset will only get you so far, I can help you master change under pressure, so you can create that unique business/work model that works for you.
If you want to make money by impacting and helping others through your business, I can help you discover how to do it without burning out. Just by being in my energy, you begin coming up with ideas and strategies that help you generate the resources you need with ease. That is my Human Design gift that I share with my clients.
My philosophy is simple: one size does not fit all.
I use cutting-edge profiling to help you assess and embody your way. So many of my clients have moved from the corporate arena into the coaching world, which is a very different environment.
I bring energy work “into the boardroom,” using powerful, quick, and practical techniques that help my clients retain clarity, focus, and composure when working under pressure.
My work has been distributed globally and translated into seven different languages. I am a highly qualified expert in my niche (MSc. Biomedical) and an Amazon Bestselling Author.