Are You a Female Entrepreneur: Coach, Healer, Therapist?

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Your natural way to make money by sharing your gifts & create healthy flow in every area of your life - Health | Wealth | Relationships & Happiness

Are you ready to

  • Breakthrough your visibility fears & money blocks?
  • Build a Business designed for you?
  • Be paid well to share your gifts
  • Become the best known secret in your field?

My Services

90 Minute Reading

Know how you are wired to manifest more Money in your business

1:1 Coaching

Activate your prosperity pathway, with 6 months, one-to-one coaching

Pathway Oasis

12 month support for the female entrepreneur who wants to develop their unique way of building a business.

Manifest by Design

This group is designed to provide expert support as you navigate the ups and downs of the manifesting process to create the results you want to

My name is Annita Keane & I help You 

  • Identify your unique business success formula by Human Design
  • Activate Your natural Prosperity Pathway
  • End indecision and self doubt by learning your reliable decision strategy 
  • Learn new and energizing client attraction strategies
  • Guide you on how to create a healthy client - coach dynamic relationship that supports optimal transformation for your client and energizes you in the process
  • Create a balanced work - life & Avoid burnout 
  • Optimize your office environment to support your business success using the Art of Feng Shui
Work with Me
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Annita Keane, MSc.      Coach, Best selling Author, Trainer

Combining a biomedical science background with extensive holistic experience, I teach busy professionals how to master change under pressure. My philosophy is simple: one size does not fit all. I use cutting edge profiling to ensure I connect my clients to their natural abilities to manage and lead change.                                                                                     I'm an Amazon best-selling author and success coach. My work has been distributed globally and translated into seven different languages. I brought energy work into the boardroom, using powerful, quick and effective techniques that help my clients retain clarity, focus and composure when working under pressure.