Meet Your Coach

Annita Keane Author,  Personal Development Trainer

Combining a biomedical science background with holistic experience, I teach busy professionals how to play their “A” Game under pressure. I use an energetic profiling system to help dial you into your unique leadership process and teach you the skills to make it actually work. You learn to connect your intelligence mindset, emotion and physical to give yourself the edge moving forward. Amazon Best-selling author and success coach, my work has been distributed globally and translated into 7 different languages. Origionally from Ireland, I moved to the States in 2010 and enjoy spending time with my family and playing golf. My bucket list is to play in every state in the USA. /

My goal is to help professionals realize their true potential, by helping identify & develop

  • Clarity about your direction
  • Confidence in relationship skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Your unique formula for success as an individual and/or as a leader,
  • Your crisis management skillset

This training has helped my clients connect with their natural leadership style & get clear on their path, significantly increase their income, get "that" job/promotion they wanted, deepen their relationships and make their dreams a reality i.e. best selling author etc. while sustaining a healthy work-life balance 

 I work with busy professionals to help them tap into their full potential by gaining clarity on their direction, confidence in their decision making & establishing their commitment to realize their health, wealth and relationship goals.
After more than 10 years’ coaching and mentoring individuals and teams, I have learnt that Success is an inside out game. If you want to expand or grow your business, love and success externally
YOU MUST connect your knowledge and expertize with your inner GPS.  i.e. Gut Positioning System 
When faced with taking life changing steps, YOU Will discover and release hidden and subconscious barriers that stopped you taking those steps in the past. Learning to navigate this inner resistance quickly and efficiently is key to connecting and creating the life and business you want.
We are passionate about helping you navigate these invisible stoppers through coaching support, to establish YOUR UNIQUE SUCCESS Blueprint, your specific decision making style and last but not least master your ability to manifest what you want to create with ease & grace
Our vision for You is that the inner strategies we develop with you are easy to implement and integrate into your everyday life becoming a game changer for you and your company.
I invite you to contact me for a discussion on how coaching for success can serve you in reaching your health, wealth and relationship goals.
Here’s to your success,