Awaken the Marketer Within

5 Day Coffee Break Challenge

5 Steps to Free up Your Inner Marketer & Connect with your Awesome Clients



Welcome to your 5 day Challenge

What most people don't know is that "Everybody has a message to share". It's HOW you share this message that makes it visible and magnetic to your ideal clients..... Or NOT!!! 

Your message impacts your prosperity pathway also. Your inner game of magnetizing opportunities to attract clients and subsequently make money. The more anxious you become about needing clients and income, the more potential to constrict the message to what it "should" or "must" be and the less it sounds like you...  

5 Steps to free up your Inner Marketer & Connect with Your Awesome Clients. 

In this challenge, I bring you through 5 steps that helps you:

Day 1. Declutter the elements that confuse your marketing abilities

Day 2.  Where do You get Stuck

Day 3.  What is your natural marketing style anyway?

Day 4. Activate the Marketer Within

Day 5. Connect your inner marketer to your amazing clients

So you can learn to 

  • Fall in love with doing marketing again
  • Get unstuck from the confusion and uncertainty around the "What do I talk about?" Question
  • Easily hear and express your inner marketer
  • Get clear on your natural message sharing style
  • Clearly see changing trends in the external marketing environment and adapt your message accordingly

Activate the Marketer Within - 5 Day Challenge Workbook.pdf  Click the link to download your Workbook

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Watch these 2 videos before you Start and set yourself up for success for the week. On the left I talk about my marketing story. On the right I cover the housekeeping items for the week. 

Enjoy the challenge.

Coffee Break Day 1

What is your marketing clutter? Do you procrastinate, Feel your message is invisible or disconnected from your clients? Or maybe you market a lot but doesn't necessarily get results? 

Exercise to energetically clear any  marketing methods that no longer serve you and connect to those that do

Day 1 Activity

Day 1 Q & A

Coffee Break Day 2

How do goal traumas show up in your Biz?

Anxiety about having enough clients and making enough money are the obvious symptoms - what about denting your confidence?

Tapping Exercise to remove goal traumas & boost marketing confidence 

Day 2 Activity

Day 2 Q & A

Coffee break  Day 3 

Identify Your natural marketing delivery process

Your human design blueprint holds the keys to your inner marketing guru. This is where you can replace old programs with new ones that are aligned with you... Game on!!!

Exercise to identify your natural marketing guru.

Day 3 Activity

Day 3 Q & A

Coffee Break Day 4 - Awaken the Marketer Within 

Identify Your natural marketing delivery process

As without so within. Open up your marketing flow to harness abundance within and see the impact in your business 

Exercise to Awaken your inner Marketer

Day 4 Activity

Day 4 Q & A

Coffee Break Day 5 
Marketing is a Process

Don't stop here. Find out how to develop your marketing skills and manifest prosperity in your business

Exercise to Connect your inner marketer to your ideal clients

Day 5 Activity

Day 5 Q & A

Describe the feature in more detail here.

Next Steps

Thanks for spending the time with me this week. Now you have 5 simple steps to identify and connect your inner marketer to your ideal client. This you can use whenever you like.  Did you have aha's breakthroughs? Feel free to share them in the Facebook group. 

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During the week I highlighted why getting the correct support as a coach / transformational expert (therapist, healer, teacher) is so important. Our biggest job is to help people through change and this is heavy work. Not to mind our own journey as entrepreneurs. The game changes as soon as we decide to do our own thing and this is when we trigger all those old tribal "rules" and "taboos". 

Keeping clear of these "blind spots" so we keep our prosperity flowing is key. This is what you learn in the Prosperity Pathway Oasis. Knowledge is gold when you have the right knowledge and apply it in the right place.

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