Is Indecision Costing You?

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It used to be easier to make decisions. There were fewer options available for you and your clients. Now we have more information available to us than ever before. Young and old struggle to know what they want because of the ever-increasing options emerging.

Decision making is the cornerstone of a successful business. When you don’t make a decision, someone or something will make it for you. Indecision supports worry, doubt and confusion, generating the chaos that supports change. You make decisions and take actions from the pressure rather than your needs, generating more chaos than the results you want. The added pressure due to this global covid-19 crisis.

What indecisiveness in business looks like:

  • You find you will run in circles. 80% of what you do generates 20% of your results.
  • You will tend to invest in courses, marketing tools and systems that give you more things to do that are not in your zone of genius.
  • Your indecision with respect to marketing leads to self-doubt and you tend to favor others marketing strategies rather than your natural way of connecting and the results won’t be as good.
  • Your decisions won’t necessarily support money activities. All that hard work may not show up on your bank balance.

Indecisiveness with clients can upset your normal balanced and healthy boundaries. For example:

  • The client dictates your session time extending the time spent with you.
  • You are so eager to help, you end up repelling prospective clients with that “desperate dating” energy.
  • Reducing your session fee or increasing your pro bono work shows up accordingly on your bank balance.

Indecisiveness with yourself can mean:

  • You overcommit to the client, thinking about their issues long after they are gone.
  • You overcommit to the business, taking on more tasks and working harder but making less money.
  • Your self-care goes on the long finger.

This indecisiveness can lead you to:

  • Decisions made from a stress mindset which creates more stress and pressure.
  • Your work-life balance going out the window.
  • Your clients are running your business rather than you.
  • You are so busy you actually don’t have time to do it differently, just one more suggestion will push you over the edge - into overwhelm or burnout.

This isn’t necessarily your fault. It’s that you are picking up the stress from clients and friends and it is adversely affecting your judgement as stress would. Even though it doesn’t feel like stress to you.

Imagine being able to make smart decisions even under pressure? Staying connected with what you want to create and not getting lost in the busy-ness. Making money in a way that it is a resource rather than a limiter. Enjoying your clients and helping them in a way that sustains your balance. Well, you can. Believe it or not.

“Indecisiveness disappears when you know your way of making decisions” - (Annita Keane)

Introducing Human Design

This is where human design comes in. Each and every one of us has our own way to do things and this is down to our wiring. We are all wired or “designed” differently. And, if you understand your wiring you unlock the key to knowing and feeling confident in what “Your Way” is.

I use human design as a tool to help you discover your decision strategy. How you are wired to make decisions reliably even when under pressure.

Developing this skillset will help you make decisions that support you, your clients and your business

  • to make the money that sustains you doing what you love
  • To magnetize the clients that will benefit most from your work
  • Recognize and create the opportunities that will sustain rather than drain you
  • Maintain a solid work-life balance

I also use human design as a tool to help you discover ‘Your Way’ of doing business.

What does this mean?

Essentially, it means that you will learn to do business with more ease. You will learn how to magnetize clients, recognize lucrative opportunities, communicate, market, make money in a way that:

  • Is aligned with you – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually (energetically)
  • Keeps you in the flow of abundance (Activates Your Prosperity Pathway) – therefore generate the resources you need to manifest the money.
  • Maintain a wonderful work-life balance.

So instead of trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Instead of trying to implement tools or techniques that don’t feel right to you. You can decide and learn to honour what your body is telling you and apply your Human Design strategy so that you and your business are in full alignment, your mindset is shifted and your prosperity pathway is activated.

The ripple effect of this means you can:

  • Minimize stress
  • Reduce confidence conflicts where you doubt your abilities.
  • Stop blaming yourself – embrace all your amazing qualities and recognize the need to outsource things that are not in your genius forte.
  • Recognize and engage the power of the right support.
  • Support your own clients to the max.
  • Save yourself a lot of time money and energy barking up the wrong tree.

And last but not least make smart decisions regardless of pressure.

If you’d like to learn more about how Human Design can help you to open up your prosperity pathway and lead to greater success and business growth, feel free to contact me. -  or email

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