3 Mistakes Coaches must Avoid to maintain a Prosperous flow in their Business


It’s so easy to set up a work practice that is more draining than energizing, upsetting the prosperous flow in your business. This can happen for a number of reasons. The work debrief time that you had in your commute from the office has diminished as you continue to work from home. Showing up consistently on social media can be demanding of your time and energy as we tend to fall into the instant gratification trap created by the 10 second attention span of potential readers. Client’s escalated anxiety as change uncertainty prevails. The cosmic transits are in an intense configuration right now creating underlying tension that can, unwittingly, take us off balance.

It’s important to set up your work so that you maintain and sustain your inner balance. Why? Because when you move out of balance by overdoing work, cutting down on stress busters like exercise you risk switching off your prosperity pathway. This is your inner game of attracting money, clients and opportunities to your business. You’ll find that the work you put in won’t reflect in your results i.e. reduced clients, income and opportunities. It’s not that there aren’t opportunities, it’s that you may not see them because you are too occupied with what you’re doing already.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid so that you can maintain a prosperous flow in your business

Mistake # 1: Avoid Running in circles

Are you running in circles in your business? This tends to drain your energy. You can be too busy doing what you should be doing, missing your own genius cues that lead to more prosperous results. This happens when you forget to apply the business “should” to your way of doing things. It gets disheartening when you put so much hard work in for limited reward.

Take the time to step back and have a look at your business systems and see how you can simplify them. Where are you taking steps for the sake of steps? Where could you make your process a little easier?

Mistake #2: Avoid being Anxious about money and clients

Are you anxious about having enough money and clients? This anxiety or concern flips your inner physiology from balance to stress which shuts down your prosperity pathway. This means your mindset moves from the solution finding success mindset to the amygdule fight or flight scarcity. The universe will bring you more opportunities to worry and before you know it you fulfill your concerns. New opportunities may even feel like a threat, or you won’t have time to avail of them.

When you notice you are anxious about clients, ask the question – I wonder what needs to happen for me to attract new clients. Now go for a walk to clear your head and open to the inspired actions and ideas that naturally show up when you quiet your mind.

Mistake # 3: Avoid Mistaking stress for busy

It’s way too easy to mistake stress for busy. When I worked in biomedical science, we didn’t think that we were stressed in our work. We just thought we were really busy. It was funny, it was like the busier we were the, better the more important the work. The trouble was that I brought my “emergency” work habits into my business. I didn’t know any better. I thought that because I was doing energy work with my clients, that it would be easier on me. I quickly found that energy work came with its own stressors. The key to emergency work is that you don’t need to mimic the urgency of the work with your stress levels. You come up with better and more efficient solutions when you keep a clear mind than you do when stressed. Most stress activities will be to avoid or overcomplicate. Have you noticed?

All three mistakes above can shut down your prosperity pathway. Creating and sustaining a personal practice will really help keep your prosperity flowing. People know about physical and mental balance; but they often forget about energy balance. I’m not talking about chilled out meditation or yoga here. You need a certain level of energy to sustain the focus and actions necessary to work in your business. It’s like you need different levels of energy to run a race than you do to watch television. Your diet and exercise is important. You can also develop a skillset of simple yet powerful exercises that help sustain the balance necessary to keep your prosperity pathway on.  

Want to learn about your prosperity pathway and how you can activate it in your life and business – Hop on to my website and checkout the prosperity pathway oasis. This is a group mentoring program I’m opening next week that will help you create a business-life balance that is energizing and more importantly teaches you how to work your anxiety and stress instead of being worked by it.


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