Frequently Asked Questions about Success Coaching

Success is an inside out job. When you expand your mindset and emotional intelligence to handle your next steps, there is a low likelyhood you will sabatage your success. e.g. moving to a great job where the boss is more restricting than now (jumping out of the frying pan into the fire...). Knowing your leadership success blueprint is a game changer. I invite you to dig deeper into your natural leadership style & we can dial in to your specific attributes & develop strategies to navigate your desired results on your terms.

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Why is Success Coaching an effective way of dealing with my challanges?

Your current actions and expertise have brought you to where you are now. Taking your life to the next level will require different actions. Success coaching creates a confidential space for you to look at your challenges through the lens of how you are designed to operate and look at how stress can prevent you seeing opportunities hidden in...

the challenges you are currently experiencing. Working with Annita you identify, develop and activate your unique way of operating so you can see & create your next steps to the success you deserve. 

What can I expect from the coaching? What skills will I develop? 

 You will learn your unique inner game skillset. Your inner game skillset not only determines you leadership style, it distinguishes you from anybody else. How your mind processes information, how you interpret your emotional intelligence, and physical intelligence signals......

sets you up to see through any problems quickly and subsequently determine the practical solutions needed to reset your life | project | relationship back on track. You will determine your needs to have happy and fulfilling relationships.

During this work you will clarify your natural operating process, decision style, leadership qualities & most effective communication skillsets to not only impact your career results but to enhance your ability to take the lead in your life also. 

How does Relationship Success Coaching Work?

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not easy to get on with everybody. There are those you will feel a kinship with and those who are designed to drive you nuts. This doesn't mean you can't work or live with them though. Relationship success coaching looks at your "relationship wiring" with partner or work colleague and help you find.... 

practical solutions to making that relationship work. This coaching takes you out of the time and money wasting process of trying to fix something that is not broken and understand better how relationships work and/or better still how to work your relationships 

Not another personality profiling system!!! What makes energetic profiling so different from the others? 

Human design energetic profiling is the ONLY OBJECTIVE profiling system in the world. The thing I like most about it is that it can't be manipulated. I use this system to help you dial into your specific talents (your actual talents, may not be what you think are your talents)- how are you wired to utilize energy? - what are your predictable stress behaviors? - why you want to know? - how you best navigate change?...

why knowing how to navigate change for yourself helps you bring others through change - how this sets you up to be seen and percieved as head and shoulders above your peers (prime candidate for the next promotion) . Why? it saves a lot of time, energy and money when you know how to best utilize your own resources. When you know this you can lead others in a way that utilizes them as resources without burning anybody out

I'm very busy already. What is the time commitment? 

You can expect approximately 2 X 45 - 60 minute calls a month in individual coaching. These can be divided into shorter calls to suit your schedule. If group coaching ("A" game Academy) 2 - 3 X 45 - 60 minute calls a month. The group calls are recorded so you can pick them up any time....

Calls are delivered on a zoom teleconference platform and all you need is have access to internet and take the calls in a place where you are not disturbed. 

Why do I keep sabataging my success like this? 

The most common reasons you sabatage success is either fear of success or fear of change or both. Human design 

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My business is barely supporting me. Is there more I can do? 

This is a common problem and can occurs because you are out of alignment with your purpose. This is not your fault. You may have been following ideas you "thought" were correct for you or you may have moved through a 

natural cycle in your life and what you did up to this is no longer relevent to you. What ever the reason, we will get to the bottom of it and get you back on track. There are so many ways to do business, you may not have found your way yet. I support you to get your purpose in aliment with financial reward. 

I have achieved so much, why do I still feel so empty? 

Is it possible that you are trying to fulfill someone elses dreams? It is easier than you think, to pick up someone elses idea and run

with it. How many Guru's are out there saying you should do this or that? write that book? do this career?... You are designed to do your thing and follow your rules. Are you ready to find out what your way is? 

Why do I feel exhausted all the time? There is no medical cause.

This happens when you aren't leveraging your energy correctly. Are you burnt out? Maybe pushing through work or life with energy 

you don't have? By understanding how you are naturally designed to work your energy, it is possible to reconnect you with your vitality again. 

I have done everything they say in the Law of attraction. Why is nothing happening for me?

The universal law of attraction is real. It works with other laws to make things happen. There is no "one size fits all" rule. You have your unique 

manifesting strategy which I can help you develop. 

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