Frequently Asked Questions

I answer these questions from a general perspective. Knowing your human design is a game changer. I invite you to get your human design Energetic profile package & we can dial in to your specific trends and develop strategies to navigate the desired results on your terms.
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    Why do I keep sabotaging my success like this?
    The most common reason you sabotage your success is fear of success. Human design can help you pin point where and why you sabotage. Your coaching program will help you turn these current liabilities into assets and, if you are willing, success.
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    Why do I keep meeting crazy bosses?
    Contrary to popular opinion, most my clients struggle with their boss when it is time to take their work to the next level. The trouble is, when caught up in the struggle, they miss their opportunity. Understanding your human design deepens your awareness of how you interact with others. Most of the time it is not personal…even though it feels like it.
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    Why is my business barely supporting me? I am doing everything I can.
    This is a common problem and occurs because you are out of alignment with your strategy or purpose. This happens more than you think. There are so many ways to do business, marketing strategies etc. it is easy to try it the same way as others. The truth is, you have your unique way of doing business. Are you curious to find out what that is?
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    I have achieved so much, why do I still feel so empty?
    Is it possible that you are attempting to fulfill somebody else’s dreams? It is easier than you think, to pick up someone else’s idea and run with it. How many ‘gurus’ are out there saying you should do this or that. Write that book, this career is perfect for you, do it this way…. You are designed to do it your way. Plain and simple. Are you ready to find out what Your Way is?
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    Why do I feel exhausted all the time and there is no medical cause?
    This happens when you are not leveraging your energy correctly. Are you burnt out? Some of us are more susceptible to burn out than others. By understanding how you are wired and how to work your energy, it is possible to reconnect with your vitality and energy
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    I have done everything they said in the “Law of Attraction” , why is nothing happening for me?
    Contrary to the information on the law of attraction (which is real by the way) you have your unique manifesting strategy. One size does not fit all. You can develop your unique strategy using human design and one of Annita’s coaching programs to get you back on track.
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