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3 Secrets to Setting Successful Goals by Human Design

Goal setting is a critical part of your manifesting process. It is the signal to the universe you are ready to co-create. It's not as easy as you think, especially if the goal pushes you out of your comfort zone. This can adversely affect your prosperity flow. One thing you can rely on is that the goal with the biggest energy charge gets the result, whether it's what you want or not.  

In the Prosperity Pathway Oasis you learn to dial into your natural goal setting process and this training you will learn: 

  • How to avoid wasting time & money chosing the wrong goal
  • What gets in the way of achieving successful goals
  • How to discover the best goal setting process for you 

The workshop is just over 50 mins in length. The last 15 minutes is questions and answers. An important question is answered about using the heart energy to create a goal and why this may not work for you. Check it out.

This workshop gives you a sneak peak at what you will learn in the Oasis program - see details below 

Join me in the Prosperity Pathway Oasis

Information only takes us so far. That's why I set up the Oasis. It is a 12 month group mentoring program designed to help you make more money in your business. Getting the balanced support you need without costing a fortune. 

  • We use fengshui to set up your office space to fully support your prosperous flow
  • Energy profiling tool human design to pin point your unique business foundation
  • Uncover any sabateurs,replacing old learnt and limited patterns with your natural approach by design
  • Activate your prosperity pathway so you can make more money, attract more clients in your business, doing what you love without burning out. 
  • Master your manifesting strategy - Your Way

 You can start today for just $199 - as promised.

Payment plan - $199 today followed by 11 payments of $199

or Pay in full $1,997 


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Your investment includes the following benefits:

Weekly Energy resets:  We get together each week to ensure your mindset, energy and actions are set for success. We keep an eye on any blind spots that may hold you stuck and refresh your energy to remain open to opportunities. 

Create a nurturing environment: We use fengshui to ensure your environment supports you and your business. Give yourself every advantage.

Moon (Money) Manifesting Sessions: You learn to harness your energies and manifest your way.

Networking Sessions: Once a month you can share what you do, introduce a freebie of your work and tell us how we can refer you.

Trainings and Classes : to help you develop your business style in alignment with your design. 

Facebook Community : Share questions, wins , aha's , breakthroughs as well as receive feedback and support

Bonuses : From time to time I will come across a tip or tool that may help or support you. I share it with you when I do. When you sign up, you get access to 

Activate Your Prosperity Pathway 5 Day Challenge : This is a course I designed to help you dial into your prosperity pathway and learn how to operate it in your business. 

Its time to get your business on track, breaking that money glass ceiling once and for all while restoring a decent work life balance doing what you love - YOUR WAY