Transits and Tactics - Practical Manifesting Tips to Align Your Business with Success 

Welcome to "Tactics & Transits | In The Flow" series! We're here to help you ride the waves of cosmic energy, aligning your business activities with the universe’s rhythms. Whether it's boosting your creative juices or sharpening your manifesting game, we've got you covered.

Each week we will dive into power-packed guidance about current planet energies and how to use them to create more visibility and success in your business (& Life). 

Juliette Stapleton will be talking about using the energy in your online visibility activities and I add practical manifestation tips to align your business with success. 

Tune in and let us know how the cosmic influences resonate with you.

We all experience all the energies. It's how we experience them that differs and that is based on your energetic makeup. Keep in mind, these energetic trends are fleeting, so trust your strategy and authority to navigate them wisely and make decisions that truly align with your goals.

Sun in Gate 20 -  Be in the here and NOW

May 21 - 26 2024

Are you frozen in the "I don't know" place, uncertain which ideas to go with in work or life? Or are you  so "busy" that you miss the opportunity thats right under your nose?

This energy supports you to slow down and be intentional about inner balance - This is when you're open to the universal guidance and inner YES that sets you up to be Ready for the new opportunities on the horizon. 

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Manifesting Tip to align business & Success

Frozen in "I don't know? - Look at the results in front of you and evaluate what you want instead. Use your decision strategy to stay on track. 

Busy, Busy? - Impatient and act when the timing is off, then frustrated that the results aren't what you want. Slow down and listen to your intuition so you can be ready to avail of the opportunities. 

Sun in Gate 16 - Enthusiasm - May 2024

Practice your skills...

Information will only take us so far, it's when we practice or practically apply the information that we get the results. This weeks energy supports us as we apply what we've learnt to our everyday activities in work and at home. 

Manifesting Tip to align business and success

Instead of following the guru's instructions to the letter, save yourself a lot of time and money - practice using your decision strategy to make sure you're focusing your precious energy on the details that support your prosperous flow. 

Sun activates Gate 35 - June 2024

What changes need to be made?

Change is inevitable. But do you implement changes in a way that supports your prosperous flow? Or do you create change for the sake of change because you're bored? And jump from the frying pan into the fire? Believe it or not it's up to you... 

Manifesting Tip to align business and success

Slow down and connect in with your decision strategy before you make any changes. 

Sun activates Gate 45 - June 2024

What resources do you need to control to be successful?

Are you taking charge of your resources? And yourself as a resource? This energy is the King/Queen/CEO energy. Knowing how to tap into and distribute your resources to support you and others..

Manifesting Tip

Check you business process. Are there areas you need to step out of employee mindset into CEO mindset? One leaves you feeling a victim, the other aligns with prosperity. 

Sun activates Gate 12 - June 2024

Discriminate who and what is healthy for you in your life

It's too easy to over identify with information, being right or being certain. This can prevent you from seeing what you actually need to be successful and with whom you really can help. 

Manifesting Tip

Set up an idea parking lot with two columns. "Is this idea mine?" and "Is this idea true?". You'll save a lot of time and energy if you ask these before you dive into activity.

I would love to help you with your manifesting process so you can align your business with Success. But first....

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As a holistic coach of 15 years, I have helped thousands of corporate employees manage stress so they can thrive in a high pressure environment. 

But before this I moved from a busy hospital career to my holistic business and no-one told me That the corporate work habits  would not not support me. What they did support WAS A FAST TRACK TO burnout, & shut down my ability to manifest money also. 

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