Break Through Your Age Old Patterns That Have Kept You From Prospering In Your Business

Activate Your Prosperity Pathway

There are so many transformational experts out there struggling to make money sharing their work but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here’s what I am hearing from my clients

  • I’ve tried everything to help people using my gifts – but it’s disheartening not making the money I need to sustain myself.
  • People keep telling me to do it my way – I would if I knew what that was.
  • Outsourcing your value – “If only I had the clients everything would be different”
  • I’ve tried all the marketing tools with limited results. I feel like I’m pushing a square peg into a round hole. I’m just not getting it. 

One thing I know is that pushing doesn’t work. But neither does wishing and a prayer. 

The other thing I noticed was that most of these women felt isolated. Like they were between a rock and a hard place. Knowing they needed support, feeling that they weren’t good enough or that there must be something wrong if they needed help themselves. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. All the above indicates that your prosperity is shutdown. I help women make more money in their business by learning their unique business wiring and tapping into their inner game of business.


  • If you could create the money and resources, you need to sustain your needs as you help others.
  • If you could stop running in circles and hustling in your business.
  • If you could value your gifts and skillsets as resources and become a magnet for clients. If you value them, others will.
  • If you could use those marketing tools now and make them sing, not because the tools have changed but because it’s your true voice coming through. 
  • If you could stop isolating yourself and get the support you need without costing you a fortune.

Well, you can by Activating Your Prosperity Pathway. I use human design to help you pinpoint not only how you activate your prosperity but also recognise how you can stop it. 

I will show you a snapshot of how that works today. 

Step 1 - Starting with Decluttering. 

Often if you find you are blocked in business you start by looking at processes, clients, systems, tools old programs that are not working for you. This includes any outdated rules, should’s in your business, what someone else said etc. This includes negative nuances like, “you’ll never make this more than a hobby”. 

Why? That excess baggage will drain your energy. When you release it you set up space for growth moving forward. 

Tip :  Find one thing every day to declutter

Step 2 - Success Mindset

How you think, determines your decision, which determines your action which creates the result. 

Human design can tell you how you are wired to process information. Are you one of the 70% of people who pick up on other’s ideas without knowing that they are not yours?. How many times did you go down blind alleys with ideas that didn’t work the way you expected?. Imagine cutting out that pain? The wasted time and maybe even money? 

Tip : Stop saying asking “what’s wrong?” and start saying “Is this my idea or have I picked it up from someone else? What do I need to get the result I want?”

Step 3 -. Prosperity Trap

This is the place where we keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. It’s fear driven. But it doesn’t feel like fear so we keep it going. One factor is what we do when we feel insecure in relationships. Do you shut down? Isolate yourself? Run? Reject them before they reject you? Whatever you do, you will do the same in your business. Have you noticed? 

What I have learnt is that you have a unique "prosperity trap pattern". What you need to know is that it shuts down your magnetism, enthusiasm – you miss opportunities – you just won’t see them.

Tip: – Discover your prosperity trap using human design. 

Step 4 -. Prosperity activator.  

As it is underlying fears that switch off your prosperity pathway, befriending fear is the antidote. A lot of people try to deny fear, pretend they don’t have any or that there is no such thing. Unless you are in mortal danger, fear can be used as an exquisite set of checks and balances to let you know what and how you need to reset to balance- if for no other reason – to keep that prosperity path open. Human design shows how –your predictable out of balance behaviours will give you the clues you need to reset.

Tip: Make friends with fear.

Step 5 -. Marketing Message

There are tons of amazing marketing formulas for you to choose from – maybe too many. When your prosperity pathway is off – you will be trying to use someone else’s method their way – maybe not realizing you have your own formula. Do you share best giving practical tips, sharing stories, referring others or being referred, sharing ideas?

Here’s the thing – once you apply your formula to the marketing tool – it starts to sing – but the tool hasn’t changed – it’s that your voice is shining through.

Tip : What’s your messaging gold?

Step 6 -.  Appreciation

How do you close your projects? Do you linger for longer than necessary? Or maybe you cut them off before they are ready? Do you stay focused on the 1% you didn’t get done? 

How you close a project determines how and what you are opening moving forward. 

Is it – back to the hamster wheel or growth and expansion? The choice is yours. 

Really the choice IS yours. Most of the things we worry about in our business are things we can’t control- like clients, whether they say yes or no, opportunities etc. 

Tip: Build two files for your business. In the first, put a list of the things you can control. In the other put a list of things you can’t control. Your results will surprise you.

What all this does is help you identify and break through those old patterns that have kept you from prospering in your business so that you can create a business that sustains you instead. I am launching a new program called the prosperity pathway oasis – which is a virtual gathering ground for female entrepreneurs – to create a solid business foundation based on your style, your design, your way

  1. Make reliable decisions – these are the money dial in your business.
  2. Leverage your energy so you’re energized by your work – No burnout.
  3. CO-create your results making sure your prosperity pathway is all light up and ready to make money.

If you want to know more – email me at or you’ll find details here  - )


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