3 Secrets to Setting Successful Goals with Annita Keane

Activate Your Prosperity Pathway (1)

There are so many entrepreneurs out there struggling to make money sharing their work. What I have found working with clients is that goal setting is key to their success. And that is why I am writing a blog on goal setting today. To me, this is the starting point.

Here’s what I’m hearing from my clients about goal setting:

I just don’t know what I want

  • Too much Choice - Distracted & Overwhelmed with all available options.
  • Fear due to past failures - I have wasted so much money buying courses and trainings, I was sure I needed but that wasn’t the case. I’m ashamed to say some are in a file unopened.
  • I find it so much easier to set goals for others – when it comes to me ……

I start with enthusiasm but lose interest very quickly

  • I mistook excitement or joy to mean I should go ahead and soon regretted it.
  • Fear and anxiety about money lead me to compromise my “right work.”

I follow the goal through to the end but feel flat when I achieve it

  • I thought this was what I wanted!!!

I can’t seem to stop sabotaging my goals

The impact of following what I think I want - mistaken goals:

  • Drain your financial resources, signing up for programs I don’t need, thinking I want them
  • Drain your inner resources - burn out
  • Drain your confidence – Loss of trust and self-doubt


  • Fear making the same mistakes again- So do nothing, embarrassed to ask for help.
  • Push to do something anything, fear of stopping

But what if you aren’t doing it wrong? What if you’re just not doing it your way?

If you struggle in any aspect of goal setting, find it difficult to get clear on what you want or start a goal but run out of steam trying to achieve it – you’re in the right place.

The truth is goal setting can freak you out & for good reason. Setting goals and taking action is fraught with nuances, sabotage – it takes quite the focus to stick with them without being derailed.

I’m not talking about the simple goals – I’m going to grow my hair out this year, or I’m going to go somewhere different on holidays, or go out at least once a week.

I’m talking about the goals that push you out of your comfort zone. Live more aligned with your purpose, bring more light into your life, grow your business, make more money.

These are the goals that push you out of your comfort zone and can set up confusion, self-doubt, fear, procrastination, overwhelm and inadvertently switch off your prosperity pathway. This is completely normal. Because you’re attempting something new…


  • If you could align with your correct goals from day one?
  • Get back all that time you spend worrying you’re doing the right thing?
  • Know what courses and trainings will suit you best?
  • Be able to tell which support you need when you need it?
  • Stop double guessing yourself and your goals?
  • Identify your saboteur and master it?

Well, You can. Make sure your goals support you in creating a sustainable business doing what you love, without burning out. i.e. magnetizing opportunities, clients, and money.

Choosing the right goals

How have you chosen goals so far? Did you get the results you want?

Did they work? Or did they bring you on the expensive wild goose chase of mismatched partnerships, courses, trainings, shiny objects.

This is not just expensive on your wallet. It’s expensive on your time, energy and distracts you from what will work and quite frankly how you are wired.

You also end up unfulfilled, maybe don’t make the money you thought, or end up feeling flat when you actually complete it

Why it is so important to choose the right goals?

Your goal becomes a magnet to the universe, telling it what you want and activates your manifesting process.

Secret # 1 - Use your human design decision strategy when you are choosing the ideas to make your goals

List your goals/ideas – check each one using your decision strategy.

What gives you a yes? What gives you a no?

You may get more than one yes. That’s ok.

Which goal gives you the most aliveness? Does it allow you to share your expertise? Can you help others with it? Will it support your business growth?


You naturally reduce the distraction of having too many goals in the air.

The goals you make are more connected to the results you want.

The power is in the question when setting goals.

Will it this be more profitable than that?

What is my next step?

I do it by ……. When?

Example: A client was struggling to get her business off the ground. She had learnt a wonderful energy therapy and wanted to help her clients with it. It wasn’t working out. I had a look at her design and realized she was more naturally inclined to provide practical solutions and get her clients on their feet rather than set them up to see her indefinitely… She realized the healing modality was to help her balance and personal wellbeing. Once she realized this, she adjusted how she worked and saw immediate results. You’d be surprised how many of us have set goals doing what we love forgetting to check in to it being a profitable business possibility or not.

Secret #2 - Call Out the saboteurs

People laugh at me when I say this, but really our head is full of ideas our gut has no interest in… In my mind, I will love an idea – think it’s a fabulous opportunity and completely override my decision strategy.

Have you ever done that… maybe I’m the only one :) 

We have many ways of derailing our goal success. 

What are yours?

I use human design to help pinpoint those predictable behaviors that indicate we are not just off track, but actively derailing our results. We don’t do this on purpose, it’s our inner survival mechanism trying to keep us safe and sound in our comfort zone. When you know what your go to saboteurs are, now you can do something about them and keep your goals on track.

A great way to look at this is to look at the open centers in your human design chart….. What are the predictable behaviors that tell you you’re off track? I’ll mention a few here, do any sound familiar?

The cause is most commonly that you are stressed or triggered by challenging your comfort zone. You’re not doing anything wrong but you will derail your goals if you don’t intervene to interrupt the behavior. I offer simple questions you can ask yourself to reset your behavior and get your goal back on track. 

Potential Saboteur Behaviors:

Head – This can show up through you losing focus, overwhelming yourself with information, fixating over what is the “right answer”, feeling pressure to act on an idea without checking into your decision process (usually your gut)

When you reset the balance, you will remain curious about information and won’t need to act on the pressure, and you remain open to possibilities – The reset questions are “Am I trying to answer every ones questions?”, Am I using mental pressure to take action instead of tuning into my decision strategy?”

Ajna – The predictable behavior shows up in mental defensiveness, holding concepts that don’t serve you, or are no longer true.

When you reset your balance, you open to possibilities and know you are not wired to be certain and do a gut check if uncertain.

Reset Question “Am I trying to be certain about something I don’t know the answer to yet?, “Does this idea support my business goal?”

Will center- You’re predictable behavior can show up if you find yourself over compensating, proving yourself or maybe making promises you will never be able to keep and then feel guilty that you can’t deliver. Or you may risk burn out by trying to keep all those promises.

When you reset, you get good at setting boundaries, valuing your gifts and resist making promises you can’t keep. A gut check will really help you with this. You learn how to make reliable decisions in the oasis. Imagine the time you save by knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to.

Reset Questions: “ Am I trying to prove myself?”, “Am I overcompensating?”, “Am I questioning my value?”, “Am I charging too little?”

So have a look at your chart and see what your predictable behavior is. This will show up when your goal setting challenges your comfort zone. This is completely normal. Running your own business will always challenge you to do new things. What you need to know is this pushes you out of your comfort zone and can trigger your prosperity pathway to off. So learning to recognize your predictable imbalance behavior and learn to reset it gives you a better chance of keeping your prosperous flow going. You will make different decisions when you are coming from you’re expertize rather than your stress and those decisions move the money dial faster. Well worth considering.

These keys can be triggered on every step of the goal setting process. Deciding what you want, what action to take, what to do with the result. Every step can push you into uncertainty and the best way out of it is to stay in balance and stay connected to your sacral yes | no.

So instead of feeling pressure to act on an idea, you will ask the question of your decision process: Is this my idea? Do I really need to take action on this?

Secret # 3 Discover the best goal setting process for you ?

I use human design to help you identify your natural goal setting process. What you are likely to do to sabotage yourself, how to reset and become the master of your manifesting process. Save yourself the time the money and the energy by learning your own process, making more money, creating more opportunities, magnetizing more clients.

Goal Setting Process

Look at your human design chart and checkout your open centers. What is your decision style? How are you wired to make reliable decisions. Write these down in your journal. Assess your out of balance /stress on a scale of one to 10. One being the least stressed and 10 being the most.

Step 1: Take 3 deep belly breaths.

This automatically balances your nervous system resetting from stress to balance. Keep breathing deeply as you go through your goal setting process.

Step 2: Write down your goal idea.

Now do a decision check – for example, if your decision strategy is sacral, do a gut check. If you have an open head and Ajna – your question will be – Is this idea mine? This will really help you filter out others ideas that you may be picking up? You can ask other questions. Is this idea correct for my business? Is this idea a possible money making idea for me? Etc.

If you have a defined head and Ajna- you will ask the question – is this idea true for me? If I make it a goal, will it move the money dial in my business? When you take the time to decision check your goals, not only do you minimize confusion, you save yourself time by not acting on ideas that aren’t correct for you, but you save a fortune by discerning where beset to invest your money funds to best support your business. Of course, you save energy to do the things that matter, reduce worrying are you doing the right thing. You truly step into your mastery of co-creating your business by response.

Step 3: Do a decision check

Will this idea/goal allow you the opportunity to do what you love?  Will it move the money dial in your business? Is it viable to help others in a way they will pay well? Just because you love doing something, doesn’t necessarily make it a viable business idea/goal. You will love lots of things. Keep tweaking and redefining all the way through the process. Give yourself permission to change your mind.

Step 4: Time to tell the universe “this is what I want”.

Talk as if the goal is already achieved. If you have ever done future mapping – or even problem solving – the goal is the magnet to pull you through to the end result. The engineers start at the end point and reverse engineer the process to step by step create the goal.

Step 5: Ask another question.

What needs to be cleared, done or acted upon to create this result? Now you wait for the response. A book, a call, a text etc that lets you know next step.

Step 6: Decision check.

Yes, go ahead, no look for a different option. Check for those sabotage behaviors as you go. Reset and take the next step.

Before you know it you will find you are creating the result you want.


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