Leveraging Your Human Design To Become More Consistent In Your Marketing

Blog Post 01.03.21

Whether we like it or not, marketing consistently is key to business success. We all know this and it is worries around this that I hear most often from my clients. Statements like –

“If only I was more consistent, my business would be more profitable” or “I need to be more consistent showing up in my marketing and in my business, follow up in order to grow my business.

I get it and its true to a point. But wait, how do you define consistency? Take consistency in marketing for example. What is consistent marketing?

  • Is it, doing a number of launches a year and sending out a monthly email?
  • Maybe it’s posting many times a day on social media and doing a weekly blog?
  • And how does this expectation of consistency make you feel?
  • Maybe you get intimidated when you look at others “perceived” success and so end up doing nothing?
  • Or do you find you think about it, worry about it, and then the day goes and you feel bad about not posting.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, what if consistency simply isn’t your forte? What if you prefer to be less structured? 

Why your wiring affects your consistency?

While we do need to allow ourselves to be seen in our business. It’s not as much about whether you post or don’t post regularly. It’s that the worry and the time and energy wasted in wondering are you doing enough actually has more of a negative effect as this shuts off your prosperity pathway. Let me give you an example.

I had a client who struggled in this exact area. This client, Jacinta, struggled to consistently show up in her marketing. Her work involved a lot of creativity and she would dive into creating something new rather than look after her marketing.

She had plenty of great copy to put out there but her thought process cycled from morning till night. It went something like this – “I must post today”, “What will I post”, “I’ll run something up on Canva”, “I’ll just take my clients first”, “I must post something before I go to bed”, “I never posted today”. And the days she did actually post, she spent so much time tweaking the copy or the picture, it could take all afternoon to get the post out. This further deterred her from doing new posts because they took so long to put together. But her business needed to be seen in order to bring in new clients.

Does this sound familiar?

Jacinta found me through an online class and hoped that I could help her. Reading her design we found out that she is a natural starter and not so much a finisher. Being wired this way, it is no wonder her consistency was being impacted. What we identified was that, in her situation, while she had no problem pulling the information together so couldn’t get it passed that stage. The obvious solution was that she needed someone to help her complete it.

So, she decided to look for someone to help her with her posts, temporarily. It turned out to be the perfect answer. Jacinta wrote the copy and her “person” edited and set up the posts. It was amazing. All those hours she spent worrying about posting or not posting, the confidence denting, the frustration build ups- gone. And not only was she getting seen, she had more time to see more clients without the guilt of posting or not posting and inevitably started making more money.

Reviewing Jacinta’s human design helped her learn her natural process that allowed her identify and understand what she could do to become consistent in her marketing. In her case it was to outsource that one area that was holding her back.

Imagine if you knew how you are wired to show up? Whether you are wired to be consistent or not. This will save you a lot of time, money and energy because showing up consistently in your marketing is required for success in your business. When you know your natural process, you can show up your way in your business without beating yourself up about it.

If you want to know more about human design and your natural business process, feel free to contact me. I am offering a special consultation at the moment designed to help you move the money dial in your business or how you are wired to be consistent. Click here for details https://calendly.com/thekeanemethod/move-the-money-dial


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