Change is Inevitable - Navigate it Your Way


Change is Inevitable – Navigate it your way


Coaching Tips to help you easily progress in these uncertain times – even when you don’t know the outcome.

Whether we like it or not change is here to stay. The last 18 months have forced us to look at change from a different perspective. Everyone I have spoken to has developed very clear preferences about their work environment, some desperate to get back into the office while others are happy to work from home. One way or another what is clear is that post covid-19 life will never go back to what it was, not because it can’t, but because we don’t want it to.

In truth, we have an insatiable appetite for progress, and this naturally instigates change. But uncertainty has the effect of throwing us out of balance in a way that can limit our progress. So how does this show up for you? 

  1. Do you submerge your natural instinct to grow and try to keep everything the same no matter what? Maybe you have a fear of trying something new. Maybe you find new experiences too stressful. Or you feel you’ve tried everything and decided to avoid the discomfort of change by settling for what you have. Maybe you never thought to question that there is something else. But at what cost? It takes a lot of energy to stop this life force from being expressed in your life. The result of this can be exhaustion or pronounced boredom as you reject any progress in the face of what you are doing already, whether it works or not.
  2. Do you get really busy searching for that ideal? The ideal that doesn’t actually exist. So you enter experience after experience to find the perfect job, partner etc. to fulfill your dreams. While you try many different experiences you never really value them, disappointed as your expectations (of the ideal) are never realized. You find you jump from experience to experience, not really connecting or mastering any. So effectively instigating change for the sake of change actually limits your progress. Behind this is the fear that your life will be empty and meaningless so you get busy with activities to avoid feeling your inner drive to grow. The cost is continual disappointment.

The truth is we all fear change to an extent. We’re supposed to. Fear is our natural “check” to pay attention. It moves us out of our comfort zone and fear asks the question are we safe? The trouble is that we can misread this fear as it hides in the behaviors that limit our progress. It will feel like you are sabotaging yourself. More importantly, your prosperity pathway switches off. That is your ability to magnetize clients, opportunities and money into your life and work. 

So what do you do? Jump impulsively from experience to experience or let “fear” cause you to not try at all, fighting progress with every breath.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As the saying goes: The way you do anything is the way to do everything.

One thing I know for sure - “When you are uncertain about your future, it’s time to create it for yourself.” Learning how you are wired to adapt to change, and progress is key.

Developing a strategy to recognize this fear and then interpret it will set you up for success. Not only will you take the appropriate action that leads to progress, it saves you time and energy, & you learn to trust yourself.

I use human design to pinpoint exactly how you are wired to progress in your life and work. I help you develop the skillset where you progress through change without fear. If you want to know how to work with me further, consider a 15-minute mini consult where you identify your #1 success stopper and what to do about it… Use this link to schedule a call.

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