Perfectionism: Asset or Liability

Are Your Fears holding You back from Success

Perfectionism – Asset or Liability?

Are you a coach, therapist or holistic practitioner and struggling to create success in your business?

It may be that hidden fears are unwittingly switching off your prosperity pathway. This is your inner game of making money, attracting clients and recognizing lucrative business opportunities that support you as you help others.  For the month of October, we are going to look at underlying, sometimes hidden fears and learn

  • How they can run underneath your awareness radar
  • How and from whom we pick them up
  • Why they shut off your prosperity pathway
  • How to recognize them
  • How to BEFRIEND them

The truth is we all have a unique fear signature and when we can pinpoint the underlying fears that impact our success i.e. cause us to stop rather than take that next step, we can derail the fear and use it to support our success instead.

Sometimes the fears are so subtle that we have no cognitive awareness of their existence. But just because we don’t “think” we’re impacted by fear doesn’t mean we aren’t. We see it in our results.

  • Running in circles in our business
  • Busy being busy and exhausted as a result
  • Not making the money that reflects the work we put in

 This is especially relevant as we help our clients through change. It’s easy enough to pick up their fear without realizing. Why is this so important? Fear shuts down your prosperity pathway (Your inner game of making money) and you’ll see this in your bank balance as what you earn is not reflecting the time & energy you put in.

This week we will look at perfectionism. The ability to identify what can be done to improve or bring more flow to your life, your business, your finances. This can go pear shaped when in stress. It comes across as judgmental, and easily falls into the blame battle. Looking at what is wrong instead of what can “work” better. Fear can hide underneath perfectionism and the need to constantly improve. We all know where this goes. We stay in the problem and very little gets done.

In balance, on the other hand, correcting can be your superpower. Knowing exactly what needs to be done to bring more flow without the drama.

We all experience this “perfection” differently. What is your experience? I use human design to help you pinpoint the subtle fears that can hold you back and teach you how you are wired to make them work in your favor. Befriending your fear like this increases your clarity and ability to focus on what you want to create rather than the worries that generate confusion and blame.

If you think you have hidden saboteurs impeding  your business success, checkout my website at to see how you can pinpoint your saboteur and create a super asset instead.

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