Are Hidden Fears preventing you from taking Action? - Information Overload & Procrastination

Blog Header Are hidden fears preventing you from taking action

Are you a coach, therapist or holistic practitioner and struggling to create more success in your business? It could be that hidden fears are sabotaging your success.

For the month of October, we are going to look at the survival fears and how we have the potential to misread those fears as a signal to STOP rather than inform our next steps and sabotage our results.

 The big WHY? Fear shuts down your prosperity pathway and you’ll see this in your bank balance as what you earn is not reflecting the time & energy you put into your amazing work. You may find you have a secret longing to do things your way, but compromise your work to fit in. You may run in circles to get all you “SHOULD DO” done and abandon how you would love to operate.

For more success you need to renovate and bring what you do already to the next level or create something new. Either way you move out of your comfort zone. It’s a natural part of the growth process. You may be ready for more success in your business, but do you sometimes feel like some “invisible block” prevents you from actually achieving it? This invisible block can be seen in particular behavior patterns:

  • You fear you don’t have enough information to try something new, so you don’t.
  • You never feel quite ready to take the next step so you dive into another course or certification as a delay tactic leading to information overload causing procrastination. 
  • You let the fear of not knowing hold you back.

The underlying fear causing these behaviors is that you are inadequate in some way. Maybe you don’t trust your ability to find the information you need to progress when you need it. Or you don’t trust if you have enough information. There is a point where you need to trust your existing research and experience. 

The truth is you are not alone. We all experience this pattern and it’s important to understand that you experience it in ways that are specific to you. In comparison to others you are probably the most prepared person in the room…. Accept that you may never feel ready and know that you can access the correct information when you need to support your success…. It’s all about balance.

If your behavior pattern is struggling with trusting that the information that you have is enough, you could be naturally inclined to be a life learner and will always be studying something. Knowing this about yourself means that you can embrace your life learning tendencies and trust that you will know what you need when in the moment, while not allowing that search for information stop your progress.

I use human design to help you uncover those “invisible blocks” and make them visible, so you can work them to get that success you want rather than unwittingly sabotage it. This uncovering is one of the keys to activating the prosperity pathway in your business.

You will learn this and so much more about how you are wired to literally “Do Business Successfully” in the Prosperity Pathway Oasis. Over the next few months I'm running a series of free workshops to help you identify your prosperity pathway and learn tips and tools on how to keep it flowing. The first is "Moving the Money Dial in your business". Learn how to  Hop on using this link 


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