3 Keys to Create More Success in Your Business

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3 Keys to Create more Success in your Business?

For the month of October, we’ll look at how old survival fears can impact the success in your business. Often these fears have no tangible basis in truth. The run under the radar impacting us without us knowing. When I tell people that fear is the #1 success stop in their business, they often don’t believe me. This is because we have lost the connection between fear and the behaviors associated with fear.

So how do you know fear underlies your behaviors? Here are a few ways that you can recognize where fears can obstruct your success.

  1. You develop the wrong idea or you overthink or over complicate the idea so it looks nothing like what you started with.
  2. Running in circles in circles, being busy with activities run by fear and stress rather than run by your expertise as to what is a lucrative business idea and what isn’t.
  3. You push your idea when the timing is off. Maybe your colleagues or clients just aren’t ready. Or the moon may be void of course. You’ll notice, people in the know won’t set up a talk or presentation when the moon is void of course. It has been shown that people are less attentive and not motivated to act or buy. The same applies to when mercury is in retrograde.
  4. You push yourself to hard physically and mentally leading to energy drains that switch off your prosperity pathway. No matter what you do now will be stress based and you won’t get the same results.
  5. You will put your client’s needs first, and not look after your own needs.
  6. Needing to be certain about the outcome before you take action.
  7. Jumping into the ideas that sound great without doing due diligence and checking in with your natural decision strategy.
  8. Procrastination

These are all signals to show you that fear is impacting your actions. And it doesn’t feel like fear is running the show, does it?

Three keys to create more success in your business and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong ideas is by

  1. Learning to trust your own instincts about what idea to develop.
  2. Trusting your own instincts on when it’s the right time to act?
  3. Knowing how you are wired to take those actions so you stay in balance and work from your expertise or genius rather than your fear.

Have you ever been in a situation where information about an opportunity or idea indicated that it would or should work really well, but your gut screamed “uh oh” everything is not as it seems? You may even hear yourself say “this doesn’t sound quite right”. Did you do it anyway? What was the result? 

I use human design to help you pinpoint your fears and teach you how to recognize the difference between an instinctive response and survival fears. Can you imagine the time and energy you save by being able to “know” when you are in the right opportunity and the time is right to take action. You learn how to read your fear signals correctly and translate that energy to create more success in your business instead.

Join me for my webinar series over the next couple of months, where you will learn the elements of the prosperity pathway and tips and tools of how to activate yours. The next one is October 28th - Make Space for New Beginnings. This is a foundational key of manifesting success in every area in your life. Use this link to register - https://www.annitakeane.com/page/229787

Or contact me through my website if you would like to develop you “fear management” skill set to support your success instead of sabotage it. www.annitakeane.com


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