Are Hidden Fears Sabotaging Your Business Decisions?


Are hidden fears sabotaging your business decisions?

How do you decide what to actions to take to up-level your business? Because there is soooo much information available, it is becoming more difficult to decide what is a moneymaking opportunity for your business and what isn’t. Does this ring true for you?

I don’t have to tell you how much time, energy and money can be wasted by following the wrong idea or following the “wrong mentors” footsteps because you’ve let fear drive your decision.

Underlying fear can sabotage your decision when considering an opportunity or an idea to create more money in your business

  • Fear of failure can cause you to avoid being prepared for an opportunity if it shows up
  • Fear of failure can cause you to push too hard and too fast or too long when the timing is off.
  • Believing your fear of failure activates your sabotage.

What’s more important is knowing how to interpret your fears correctly so they won’t impact your decisions.

Answer this – how many of your fears about your business are life threatening?

When failure is your fear, it may not present as a fear. It will show up in a need for a guarantee. You will want to be certain that a particular project will work out, when you can’t be certain. You may not trust in your ability to follow through. While it’s natural to be cautious about a potential up level, in fear, the result of these actions can be that you don’t avail of an opportunity because you decide it’s too risky. Or if you do take action, your decisions will support the fear by making things more complicated than they need to be.

The truth is, in balance, this fear is actually an asset. When you recognize the fear behavior, you can shift the fear into balance. Now, you can see the potential in a project and make an emotion free assessment.

What you decide to do with a fear makes it a strength or a liability. This is why you can’t believe your fear. But instead use it as a signal to tell you, you may not be assessing this potential opportunity from your expert perspective (in balance) you are making your decisions from fear. But the most important thing about this is that it impacts your prosperity pathway. That is it shuts down your money making path.

I use the energy profiling tool, human design, to help you pinpoint any fears lurking under the radar. Especially the ones that might compromise your business decisions. If you are struggling with business decisions and feel you aren’t realizing your potential, consider coaching with me to resolve that. Sign up for a Decision consultation where I help you end indecision by teaching you your reliable decision strategy so you can make better decisions to support your business growth.


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