3 Tips to Bring The Magic Back into your Business

3 Tips to help you bring the Magic back into your Business

Have you got so busy with the day to day workings of your business that you have stifled your creative flow. Maybe you’re bored by the same old routine? You are doing what you love but you secretly wish it could be more fun.

This can easily happen when you are empowering deep transformation with your clients. It goes without saying – our breakthroughs didn’t often come wrapped in rainbows and roses. They came as a form of conflict in our work or relationships. So this heavy energy of our clients /colleagues can tempt us to get stuck in the drama of rescue rather than empowerment. This heavy energy can “osmose” into other areas of our lives as well. AKA our business and be detrimental to our results.

Hard work ethic is all well and good but the one thing we need to keep things fresh and interesting – creativity – is the one thing that gets swamped when we work too hard. It’s all about balance.

Why be creative and bring more magic into your business?

Not only will you feel more engaged and energized by your work. It expands your horizon, attracts more opportunities (that you can’t be bothered with when bored or busy – too much like work!!) , clients and expansion for your business than you ever imagined. The most important reason of all is that the results are indicators that your prosperity pathway is switched on.

So, here’s some tips you can do to keep the energy lighter and keep the magic going in your business.

Tip #1 : Get unstuck

First things first. It’s important to get unstuck from the boredom. The easiest way to get things unstuck is to move. Take 3 deep breaths and change your position. Doing this actually shift the boredom by lifting your energy.

Tip # 2 : Check for the “should’s”

You will find the biggest creativity killer is the amount of things you “should” do. Should’s are usually to do lists from other people doing things their way. It often doesn’t fit your natural way of doing things so it’s easy to get stuck. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Have an honest look at your should list and convert it with the next tip.

Tip # 3 : Develop a curious mindset

Start asking questions of your “shoulds”. “What needs to happen for me to convert this “should” into my way?”. “How can I tweak this activity to make it more fun?”. “Can I creatively engage with this task to make it more favorable?” These questions tune into your creative zone and free you up to come up with other options.

Mary, my client, was trying to get creative about her marketing message. She was struggling to “get it just right” but the flow completely evaded her. She decided to do these 3 exercises. Just moving around asking open questions and getting curious about what she actually wanted to achieve restored her creative flow. The marketing, that was taking hours to complete, took her minutes to finish. She was delighted with her results.

This like most things I do, my tips are easy and doable in the moment. But don’t mistake easy for weak. These tips are simple and powerful and can turn that boredom into magic in a few seconds. Everything looks different and you open to different possibilities from there.

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