3 Secrets to help You distinguish between Inspired Action and Fear Based Action

3 Secrets to tell the difference between Fear based and Inspired action

Do You struggle to tell the difference between inspired action and fear based actions?

“You can’t solve the problem form the level at which it was created”


Do you find that you get fabulous insights for inspired action? But by the time you edit them or wrap them in a layer of fear the actions never get the results you think they should? This is a big problem in manifesting as it dents confidence in your manifesting ability. What do you do then? Do you go back to your comfort zone and keep doing the same thing? Or, do you stop trying new things altogether?

This can so easily happen. We have learnt through correlation. For example, when we learn something new, the first thing we do is relate it to something we know or are doing already. Then we try to make a connection. When I do presentations, I look for ways of expressing ideas that relate to or make sense to the client in front of me in the moment.

So when we get new insights or ideas we tend to wrap them into our old familiar beliefs or stories such that, pretty soon, the new idea morphs into the old and is significantly diluted.

What is fear based action?

This is any action you take that has fear as the fuel. While there is a place for fear based action for example: when you are in danger or threatened in some way, action you take from fear will always have a fight or flight element. When you relate fear based action to an insight, the action will be to defend the old and battle with the new. The insight is seen as a threat. The result will reflect a limited impact of the insight.

So what is inspired action?

This is an action inspired by your inner wisdom. You might call that a hunch or an insight. When you take the action step based on this insight, it results in more progress than you expect. Inspired action steps activate the universal laws in the area of abundance.

Why is following insights to take inspired action so important?

When you follow your insights to take inspired action you are placing yourself in the position to optimize your results. It usually puts you in the right place at the right time to avail of an abundant opportunity. The problem is that the action is regularly different to what you are used to.

This naturally triggers fear which can be misinterpreted and this is when we bundle it in with our old ideas to help make it more familiar. But then the inspiration gets lost or diluted down. The key here is that anything new is supposed to trigger an alert within. It is an inner protection mechanism. Our task here is to harness our expertise and proceed with caution.

3 secrets you can use to tell the difference between inspired action and fear action:

You’ve got to slow down before you speed up. The more space you make in your head and in your environment, the easier it will be to hear your guidance in the first place and then connect it with your inner decision authority to discern your action steps. So how do you tell the difference between a fear action and an inspired action?

Secret #1

Fear action is always about survival. Inspired action is about growth.

Secret #2

Fear action creates limitation and scarcity. Inspired action generates prosperity.

Secret #3

Fear Action is often over complicated. Inspired action is simple.

Learning to discern the difference between fear action versus inspired action is a skillset you can develop. Knowing your natural decision style is a game changer. You start to create prosperity and abundance in every area of your life – health, wealth, relationships and happiness or self-satisfaction. If you want to learn how you are wired to manifest, hop on to my website www.annitakeane.com and contact me from there.  


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