3 Ways to Activate the Prosperity in your Business

3 Steps to Activate the Prosperity Pathway in Your Business

Your prosperity pathway is your inner game of making money. This is your natural process to magnetize money, clients and opportunities into your life and work. Your ability to create healthy flow in every area of your life, health, relationships and personal satisfaction.

When your pathway is off, you may experience the following:

  • Anxiety about money and resources due to slowdown in clients, cashflow and opportunities.
  • Your marketing may not get the results you want
  • Conflicts in your relationships
  • Overriding your instincts to stay trapped in a job that drains the life out of you
  • Trying to prove yourself to receive the recognition that is no substitute for living your dream
  • Fear of change keeps you busy swallowed up in responsibilities and compromises made to others, while pushing your needs to one side leading to dissatisfaction and burnout.
  • Fear that you will never fulfill your life purpose

3 ways to Activate your Prosperity Pathway

  1. Identify your fear signature

Often, we aren’t cognitively aware that fear is driving our behaviors. We’re not all afraid of the same things. Nor do we respond in the same way. You have a specific behavior signature that indicates you’re in fear, in particular with respect to your prosperity pathway. It is specific to your relationship to prosperity.

  1. Face your fear

So many people try to deny or avoid fear, pretending there is no such thing. Others make fear /anxiety something wrong. The truth is, fear is a natural human phenomenon, and when you understand how to embrace your fear and work it; it becomes a series of checks and balances to let you know what to do and how to reset your balance – if for no other reason – than to keep that prosperity pathway open. Knowing this helps you navigate relationships, health also. You see opportunities as opportunities rather that a threat to change.. And your marketing becomes more magnetic.

  1. Befriend your fear/anxiety

Develop simple strategies that help you dissolve your fear once you have identified it and faced it. This not only benefits your prosperity, but it also dramatically reduces your stress levels and helps you minimize burnout.

So what is your fear signature?

I use human design to help you dial into your specific fear signature and then guide you on exactly how to manage fear/anxiety so that it supports your success instead. Check out the prosperity pathway oasis, where I help you do just that. Link here. https://www.annitakeane.com/page/185868


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