3 Tips to Magnetize Your Marketing Message


Marketing can be an enigma. There are so many formulas to choose from, tools to use and last but not least 1,000’s of people who have made gazillions using their method and ask us to invest in their programs to get the same result.

The truth is we have very different ways of processing information and delivering it, not to mind the message we are actually here to bring. But when we spent the first 1/3 of our lives learning others ideas – it isn't easy to develop our own. Do you know your marketing message? Not knowing this is what leads to marketing message block. Or at least marketing can be a chore. Nothing about it ever feeling quite right. 

Here are 3 Tips to Magnetize your Marketing Message

  1. Identify your message

You have a distinct message to bring to this world and human design can help you choose that. There is no need to pull ideas out of the sky, usually speaking your truth from your experience will bring you a long way. We all know the speaker / teacher who spouts a load of facts about what you should or shouldn’t do. There is something way more engaging when an individual speaks from real live experience. Have you noticed? 

  1. Get clear on your delivery style.

We are not wired to deliver our message in the same way. What is your delivery style? Do you prefer to share tried and tested facts? Or proven practice? That’s me. Or do you prefer to share stories? I know the attention span is down to 5 seconds these days. But there is so much hype around people loving or hating marketing, it's best not to compromise your message to 5 seconds - rather do what feels most natural to you. This naturally energizes your marketing message. Human design can tell your message delivery style and you learn this in the prosperity pathway oasis. 

  1. Make sure you are adapting what you like to your style.

If you are drawn to a marketing guru or program or process, make sure you are adapting it to your style. Often, due to our good old school days, when we learn a technique, we try to do it exactly as instructed. In part because we learnt to do what we’re told and in part because the marketing guru said “Do these exact things”. LOL. It’s tough to get a balance. The other side is when the marketing guru says to make their method your own!!!! That would be great if we knew what that was. 

Lol. Learning my human design helped me cut out a lot of the guess work and fine tune the way I am wired to deliver my message. It doesn’t always work. But for one, I’m delivering my message in a way that is natural and authentic for me. So marketing is easier and more relaxed than in the early days. I market in answer to the questions of my clients. This attracts the people who want the guidance I'm set up to provide. Makes sense right?

If you are a coach, therapist or holistic practitioner and are looking for affordable support in your business in 2022 - Join me in the Prosperity pathway Oasis, a yearlong online program that supports you as you create a solid business foundation based on your natural style, your way. This gives you a great advantage to utilizing the marketing tools out there. Your message makes the marketing tool sing, not the other way around. 

You can save yourself a fortune by cutting out the guesswork and learning your reliable decision style, how you are wired to share your message and more importantly how to keep your prosperity pathway on. You identify your saboteurs and learn how to manage them and of course, all this with the support of amazing women with lots of expertise to share. You learn to breakthrough those age old patterns that keep you from prosperity in your business and replace them with patterns that support you instead. And last but not least – work at your natural abundant flow so that you enjoy your business more and are energized by it rather than burnout. Check out more here. https://www.annitakeane.com


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