3 Mistakes to avoid when Setting Goals - so your New Year Resolutions will stick in 2022

Goal Setting Dec 2022

Setting resolutions isn’t as easy as you think. Most people will have abandoned theirs by mid -end January. And it’s so easy to give yourself a hard time over it. But the truth is, setting goals or resolutions isn’t as easy as people think. There is a really good reason for that and it’s not something you’re doing wrong. It’s how we’re hard wired for survival.

You see, the second you make a resolution, you set up an invisible “gap” between what you want to make happen and what hasn’t happened yet. You want to create a different result. Often the resolution is something you haven’t achieved before so it will require different actions to those you’ve done before. This means making a change. Moving out of your comfort zone. And change means you trigger your inner survival defenses…

You just have to turn on the TV to see how much people feel about change!

These defenses are perfectly normal. It’s your survival instincts letting you know to proceed with caution, you’re doing something different. It can feel like fear or anxiety about not knowing how it’s going to work out. Not knowing what to do next. The trouble is that “not knowing” is a common fear and is enough to stop you in your tracks. Before you know it, you’re making excuses as to why you are going to abandon the resolution.

Sound familiar? If you want your resolutions to stick in 2022, here are 3 Mistakes to avoid.

Mistake # 1: Set too many Goals

One of our biggest goal saboteurs is setting too many goals. The gap between setting a goal and achieving it creates a natural urgency to achieve the goal. When you set too many it’s easy for that urgency to become overwhelm. Not knowing where to start. Often you don’t start.

Tip: Set one or two new goals at a time.

Mistake # 2: Tell the one friend or family member who will try to put you off.

It is well known that telling others about our goals can help with our commitment and following through. They can also help us with accountability. If you don’t recognize that you’re triggered by the goal, you may say it to the person who will knock it, or try to talk you out of it.

Tip 2: When you do share your goals, make sure it’s with people who will support you or help you clarify.

Mistake # 3: Believe the fear/discomfort as a stop signal

Too often we believe our fear or anxiety as true. The truth is fear is real, but the reason behind it is not always true. Learning how to assess the fear and interpret it correctly is the difference between taking more action and abandoning it altogether.

Tip 3: Fear is our response in stress and indicates we feel or perceive that we are threatened in some way. If you’re not in mortal danger and trying something new, question your fear as being true.

The last tip is a game changer on its own. If you want to know more about accessing your ability to change, the Prosperity pathway Oasis is open. The early bird ends December 31st. Check out this link for more information.

In the meantime, follow the above tips and you give your resolutions a good chance to survive this year. Here’s to every success in 2022.


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