What gets in the way of your prosperity? Is it possible to break through that glass ceiling?

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Prosperity is a flow in health, wealth, relationships, and your personal satisfaction with your life. So many of us would love money to be a tool for choice rather than a limiter. We would love our relationships to be healthy and our life to leave us feeling vibrant and alive. But often this is not the case. And what most people don’t know is that the biggest thing that gets in the way of your prosperity is you.

Annoying, isn’t it? We all want more, right? It’s not being greedy. But what we “allow” ourselves to have as opposed to what we want are often two different things. The truth is we only allow into our life what we believe we can have. I remember the first time I made more money than I was used to, it burnt a hole in my pocket. I couldn’t believe it. Do you notice this? If more money comes in is there a bill to take it back out again?

I thought there was something wrong with me, but I found out that this phenomenon is more common than I thought.

I call our prosperity glass ceiling. What we want seems so close. We can see it and almost touch it, but it never seems to happen. Does this sound familiar? The thing is, we can only receive prosperity into our life that we believe we deserve. These beliefs aren’t necessarily yours. You will have picked them up from your parents or community.

So what do you believe? Often we see straight through our family prosperity blocks. We know we don’t believe them. So why do we struggle to create prosperity? Easy. Even though we see through our family patterns, we will have “osmosed” an energetic version of their thoughts. Their way of being becomes so familiar that we don’t notice we think it any more. It works away under the radar impacting your prosperous results.

The best way to see where you are with respect to your prosperity is to take a good look at your results. The universal law of cause and effect works 24 x 7. Basically, the actions you take are getting the result. When you know this isn’t about being wrong or right, it helps you assess what you need to change to get the result you want.

To break through your glass ceiling:

  1. Look at the result you want to change.
  2. Can you identify a hidden belief at play?
  3. What actions get this result?
  4. Commit to create what you want.
  5. What actions will get you there?

Prosperity is an inner game. If you want to know more about developing your prosperity pathway, the prosperity pathway oasis is open for enrollment. Check this link for more information. 


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