Why a Success Mindset is more than Positive Thinking


Why a Success Mindset is more than Positive Thinking

Have you ever wondered why positive thinking doesn’t seem to get you the results you want? You set your goal and do your best to stay absolutely positive about everything. Have you found, it’s so disappointing when your manifestation doesn’t show up in your life and your business.

The truth is, positive thinking only is not how our mind is designed to process information. We have negative thinking, doubts and confusion, ideas and opinions for a reason. It helps us to weigh up our options with the information available to us. The skill of the success mindset is to discern when negative thinking indicates we’re out of balance and when we need to pay attention.

The biggest problem I see is that we have learnt to think our thoughts are true. This is not always the case. The mind can only take in so much information at a time. We have a beautiful filter system that filters the information for us. It’s called the reticular activating system (RAS). When you have a thought, the RAS scans your environment for information to support that thought. It doesn’t matter the thought. A worry, doubt, idea, brainwave, opinion. This is its job. And the key here is that the RAS can not tell if the thought is true or not. 

So, the statement can be corrected from stay positive, to stay focused on what you want to achieve. As this is what the RAS will scan your environment for more of.

When the RAS scans for thoughts, it tells the brain to create the signal chemicals to activate the body. This will show up as senses and emotions. So, for example, if you are worried. The RAS will scan your environment for things to be worried about. The brain is stimulated. The body becomes tense. Before you know it, you’re all in worrying and it’s easy to convince yourself that its true.

This is why, in manifesting, we need to focus on what will support us achieving our goals. And it’s why you need to reset any negative thoughts as soon as you can. It won’t be long before the cascade of RAS thoughts and body senses will convince you that is true also. My client will say. “But, this is what’s really happening Annita”. My response is simple. Is it the result you want? They usually say NO. To which I respond, this is one of many options available to you. You know what actions you took to create this result. So now you can open to the possibility of the thoughts and actions that will create the option you want. Make sense?


You have your unique mindset. How your mind is wired to process information. Do you know what that is? Mastering your ability to process information, accurately discern what you pay attention to and where to stop wasting your time is a game changer. Do you want to find out more about your manifesting skillset? Check out the Prosperity Pathway Oasis. The doors close January 31st 2022. 


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