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Best kept secrets that all transformational coaches need to know to keep your prosperity flowing

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The course described in the training above is now incorporated into the Oasis Program - See below.

Let's have a chat?

If you want to know more about how you can develop your business and manifest the results you want. Contact me here and we can chat on how to make this happen.

Want to share with your colleagues or clients?

I am happy to do a presentation to your group of clients or colleagues. Some of the topics I present about are 

  • Activate your prosperity pathway
  • Breakthrough those old scarcity patterns that keep you from prospering in your business
  • Decisions - get the money dial moving in your business
  • Sabotage your saboteurs!!!
  • The truth behind emotional intelligence
  • Stress or Genius? - Harness your stress to get the best results
  • Manifest by design
  • Marketing by design
  • Business Blueprint - How are you wired to show up in business?

I can tailor the presentation to your group. I have free and paid options. I also have an affiliate program in the making. So if a referral, from you, signs up - you get paid as-well. Win - win

Just contact me here and we can set it up.

Join me in my new course "Connect your Business to your Prosperity"

Information only takes us so far. That's why I set up this course. It is a 12 week group mentoring program designed to help you make more money in your business. Getting the balanced support you need without costing a fortune. 

  • Energy profiling tool human design to pin point your unique business foundation
  • Uncover any saboteurs, replacing old learnt and limited patterns with your natural approach by design
  • Activate your prosperity pathway so you can make more money, attract more clients in your business, doing what you love without burning out.
  • Bridge the gap between traditional business and your way of doing business.   

 You can start for $377

(followed by 2 monthly payments of $377) 

Or  $999 - Pay in Full 

Sign up Bonus (When you pay in full): 90 min Prosperity Blueprint reading.  How are you're designed to make money in your business (Value of $333)

Sign up for the "Connect Your Business to Prosperity" & other amazing Bonuses HERE


Your investment includes all these benefits:

Weekly Energy resets:  We get together each week to ensure your mindset, energy and actions are set for success. We keep an eye on any blind spots that may hold you stuck and refresh your energy to remain open to opportunities. 

Create a nurturing environment: We use fengshui to ensure your environment supports you and your business. Give yourself every advantage.

Trainings and Classes available on line every week: to help you develop your business style in alignment with your design. 

Facebook Community : Share questions, wins , aha's , breakthroughs as well as receive feedback and support

Bonuses : From time to time I will come accross a tip or tool that may help or support you. I share it with you when I do. When you sign up, you get access to 

Activate your Prosperity Pathway 5 day challenge : This is a course I designed to help you dial into your prosperity pathway and learn how to operate it in your business. (Value of $222)

Decision style Consult: This is a 30 minute session where I teach you your decision style. (Value - Priceless!!!)

Are you ready to get your business on track, break that money glass ceiling once and for all while restoring a decent work life balance doing what you love - YOUR WAY? 


What My Clients Say

  • Annita Keane

    “I found Annita through a recommendation by a mutual friend. I was in the throes of trying to decide what to so next with my life after having been retired for a few years. I had written a book and was floating around in a state of inertia trying to decide my next steps in publishing and all that might go along with it. Feeling overwhelmed, Annita introduced me to Human Design. I found it intriguing and 'right on' as far as who I am in the world. She used her intuition along with the design information very effectively help me understand a variety of aspects about myself and how I work and respond to people and life. It has helped me to move off my rock and had given me confidence in my abilities and gifts along with how I might use these constructively moving forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in learning how to maximize the use of ther personal qualities to improve their business or relationships with others or for anyone just interested in learning about themselves and who isn't.”

    #1 Amazon Bestselling Author