Business Blueprint Reading

Your Business blueprint translates the business elements necessary for success into what you need to create   This 90 minute reading will bring clarity on the following topics

  • Your Niche
  • Value proposition 
  • Mission Statement
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing language
  • Message Delivery
  • Your reliable saboteurs

This reading sets you up to identify your unique business process. This helps you to know what support to get and how to harness your superpowers to generate the resources you need in your business with ease.   

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Soul Blueprint Reading - Clarity on Your Direction

This is for You if....

  • You're feeling frustrated stuck in your life work
  • You feel uncertain about what to do next
  • You’re at a crossroads
  • What you "thought" you wanted leaves you flat
  • Your current efforts are costing you more time, money and energy than you are prepared to admit and you are ready to reset your focus & direction

In this call you will identify

  • Your soul purpose
  • How does your soul want to grow?
  • What motivates you?
  • What consistently gets in the way for you?
  • Reset your direction from the inside out 

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How do You make decisions

Do you struggle with information overload? How do you make decisions? This book introduces you to my philosophies and how I can take you to the next level.

This is for you if 

  • You struggle with decisions
  • As a result of decision struggle, you don't take actions
  • You find your self on that vicious cycle of doing the same thing expecting a different result …
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