Human Design Readings with Annita

While astrology tells you how you are influenced by the planets, who you are and why you're here. Your human design tells you HOW you are naturally designed to manifest prosperity in your life and work.  This 60 minute reading will bring clarity on the question of your choice. 

Question Topics:

  • Basic Human Design Reading: Know Yourself
  • Your Manifesting Process: Your unique style
  • Relationship: What are your needs in any relationship?
  • Life Purpose: Need aligning with your purpose?
  • Move the Money Dial in your business/ Decision Strategy
  • Solar Return Reading - what's coming up for 2022?

Black Friday Deal : $177 (Available for one week only).

The perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season.

Know Your Design. Change Your Life (2)
How do You make decisions

Do you struggle with information overload? How do you make decisions? This book introduces you to my philosophies and how I can take you to the next level.

This is for you if 

  • You struggle with decisions
  • As a result of decision struggle, you don't take actions
  • You find your self on that vicious cycle of doing the same thing expecting a different result …

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